The Kingly Authority

My child, you’re operating from the river of life, proceeding from My throne (Rev 22:1). It is fueling My fire in you, and producing a compassion in you. I give you My heavenly authority to ask Me for the nations (Ps 2:8). I’ve planted My seeds in you – declare My words over those seeds, for you are ‘Tetelestai’, a successful completion, to bear fruit. You’re set on a throne of royalty, to act accordingly!

To walk in this authority, You need My healing – in your thought life and in your inner being – healing from the hurt caused by life’s experiences, because its holding you back and discoloring your outlook on life. So come to Me, let My light shine on those parts where you need healing, and trust Me for My healing balm, for I am YHWH Rapha, the One who heals. As you walk this road with Me, you will grow in your authority and grow in the power of the Holy Spirit in you, so that you will reign with an inner fire, to bring down ungodly powers, and to establish My plans before I come.

By Marelize Nolan
20 August 2018

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The Priestly Restoration

My children, you’ve been faithful. You’ve run the race and you have not given up. You endured through tough times of testing, and through it all, you have been a testimony to others, showing the world how Christians should walk. When the winds of onslaught blew to take you down, you stood firm.

Yet at this hour, I am pleading with you to come to Me with renewed vigor, because the time of My coming is near. I want to take My Bride to the place that I have prepared for her. Therefore draw close to Me, to where you can hear My heartbeat.

Ask Me for a hunger for My word, a hunger that will cause My loved ones to seek for more revelations of Me through My word, revelations which will cause My word to become like fire in your bones. Because it is only in revealing Myself through My word and through My Spirit, that you will truly be transformed to be ready when I return.

I’m longing to take you with Me, to walk you on streets of gold, to tell you, “Well done My child”. Therefore get ready because time is near.

By Marelize Nolan
15 August 2018

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The Iron Anointing

A time is coming My child in which you will need My strongest anointing for the level of warfare that you will encounter. You need to seek My face, for the weapons and ways that you have used in the past, which have worked before, will not be sufficient for the season that is upon you. I need your full attention, your full focus, for I am preparing you for the end of times.

Because of My love for you, I want you to be prepared and not be caught off guard because the attacks will not only be fierce but will also be subtle. If you walk close to Me and listen to My voice and not act according to what you think is right or according to what you have been taught, then you will be strong to overcome. Then you will also be able to lead others through this time to come.

You will need this anointing to break in pieces the fetters of iron which still holds My people captivated, and you need to open the heavy iron doors that have kept nations in bondage for centuries. For this is the longing of My heart – that nations will be set free to stand before My throne and to sing the song of freedom in honour of My Name.
By Marelize Nolan (28 March 2017)

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Harvest Time Vision

As I was reading about the leper who came to Jesus, asking to be cleansed and healed (Matt.8), I had a vision of masses of people, with huge waves of the Holy Spirit rolling over them. Every time that a new wave appeared, they would fall on their knees, crying, repenting of sins and asking for forgiveness. I could hear many of them repenting of sins they had done in the dark, sins of which no one knew. While I was looking at this, I suddenly heard the Lord saying, “Tell My Church to get ready!

Over the next few months the Lord’s mandate became clearer, that for this great harvest to be fulfilled, there is a condition – that we who acknowledge Him as Lord, should draw closer to Him to spend more time in His presence. He showed me the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament Temple and Tabernacle, the place where His presence dwelt (Ex.25:22). This place was accessible only to the High Priest once a year and was separated with a veil. This veil was torn when Jesus died so that we now can have access to His presence (Matt.27:51&Heb.6:19).

“Why are My loved ones content with activities in front of the veil and don’t proceed to where My presence is, living life as if I’ve never died, as if the veil was never torn?” He said. “I long for you to spend time in My presence where I can minister and share Myself with you; for it is in My presence where you’ll hear My heart beat for those who don’t know Me, where I can lead you in how to become part of the fulfilment of My plan.”

As an outflow of this vision and under the Holy Spirit’s guidance an anointing oil was mixed from the oils of the wood used inside the Temple (2Chron.2:4-8) as a declaration of His children coming into His presence. Frankincense oil were added to represent Jesus who made it possible for us to enter His presence (Ex.30:34) and myrtle oil were added to represent His children making intersession for those who don’t know Him (Zech.1). This mixture then became the Harvest Time Anointing Oil.

In August 2013 this oil was poured out in Tanganyika Lake, the deepest point in Africa and a month later on Kilimanjaro Mountain, the highest point in Africa. This was done as a declaration of the fulfilment of His plan in Africa.

While pouring it out on Kilimanjaro, I had this vision again, but this time He revealed His love and longing for His children, saying, “I’m ready for the harvest, but I’m waiting for My children!” I was at the end of my physical strength because of the high altitude and overcame with emotion for the pain of His heart, yet I was filled with expectation of what was about to happen. Thereafter, this oil was taken into various African countries.

One year later the oil was poured out in the Holy Land and from there it was taken to various countries in the world for the fulfilment of Rev.5:8-9 “the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”

As we are approaching that day before His throne, may the longing of His heart be fulfilled.

By Marelize Nolan (February 2013)

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Regarding the Children

My child, hear My call today as I share My heart with you.
Through the cries and laughs of babies, perfect praises are brought before My throne. It carries the authority to stop the Enemy in its tracks (Ps.8:2; Mat.21:16).

You might think that it is through the beautiful praises brought forth in song by the human mind, but My child, it is rather through the wordless sounds from the baby’s mouth that praise towards Me is perfected and given authority to prevent the Enemy from carrying out his plans.

Praise is perfected through childlike faith from a heart pure like that of the child – that is why I want you to become like a child.

When the Enemy has free reign in a community it is primarily the sounds of children and babies who are being silenced. He uses humans who don’t know My love, nor know the price that I paid, to silence the babies’ voices.

Therefore you need to move quickly to save the baby, the unborn and the toddler from being silenced by the Enemy, for he knows that the earlier he kills them, the earlier My plans for each one are destroyed.

So, My child, ask Me what you must do for My little ones, so that you can become My instrument in demolishing the Enemy’s vicious plans, for each one is wonderfully made and woven together for the fulfilment of My plans for them.
22 August 2014 – Marelize Nolan

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Restoration from False Guilt

Hear My words and take it to heart, because I am calling you to a level that you haven’t been before. Your previous level was one of loneliness in your experiences because you felt that no-one else understood what you were going through. One in which you have often felt like a worm because of the many battles that you have encountered after which you’ve felt that the Enemy got the upper hand.

And now that you did win a few battles, you’re still afraid. You’re looking around to see where the enemy is lurking. You have been so used to battling the Enemy that to be afraid and to feel weak is now second nature to you. I tell you, don’t be afraid, but look to Me – see Me upholding you with My righteous right hand, My strong hand, My hand which carries My authority. I will lift you up and uphold you at a level where the Enemy cannot harm you, but you need to let go of the old thought patterns of expecting and accepting to lose battles. You need to see Me upholding you. Allow your brain to imprint this on your mind, that I’m upholding you every second of the day.

My Child, you have been torn by the accusations of the Enemy. You’ve allowed yourself to sink to such a deep level of guilt that you don’t even realize any more that those accusation are all false. Satan has been accusing you before My throne, but I have not yielded because I have covered you with My RIGHTEOUSNESS. I have covered you with My HOLINESS. Though you have the crown of righteousness and holiness, a crown that I have given you, you don’t wear it anymore. Instead, you’re wearing torn clothes, torn because of accusations that are clinging to you.

Distance yourself from the Enemy! See Me standing in front of you with a new robe and a new crown. Take off the torn garment of false accusations and put on the new garment. And as you put on the new garment, remember that you need to keep the Enemy at a distance otherwise this new garment will quickly become torn like the old one. This new one is a garment of praise. It will not get torn as long as you keep on praising Me, thanking Me and worshiping Me.

Look at Me; I’m putting on your head My crown of glory, for in Me you are free. In Me you are glorious.

If you are going to doubt what you have in Me and what I have in you, if you’re going to doubt our mutual love for one another My child, this crown will begin to waver like a boat in rough seas. Hold on to Me, for then you will be able to step out in true freedom and in true confidence, because your trust and confidence is grounded in Me.

I love you with an everlasting love.

30 May 2015 (Shared at a Womens Conference – Marelize Nolan)

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Restoration towards Holiness and Intimacy

“My child, I love you and have paid a price for you. Just as a hen want to gather her chicks under her wings, so I want to have you close to My heart.

There was a time when you have served Me with passion, but lately your heart have grown cold because of disappointment in the outcome of things. Disillusionment have crept in, because matters close to your heart, have not turned out the way that you’d expected. In the process you have allowed the Enemy to tear you away, even to such a point where anarchy has crept into your soul. A heart that intimately belonged to Me at one time have grown cold in apathy.

Yet, I will keep on calling you back to Me so that you will return to that place of closeness in Me, that place of hearing My voice when I want to share My heart’s desires with you.

My children, My heart is yearning for you to become one. You are pulling in so many different directions, thinking you are doing the right thing, while you loose sight of the fact that it is only through your love for one another the world will get to know My love. This is My prayer for you – that you will be one as I and the Father are one; that My joy will be in you; that you will constantly be purified by My Word. My longing is that you’ll become so intimate with Me so that wherever I move, you will also be, BECAUSE THEN THE FATHER’S GLORY WILL BE SHINING THROUGH YOU.”

– 30 Nov.2014 (Word shared at release of Calamus Anointing Oil – Marelize Nolan)

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God’s Time of Favour

“To you who overcomes, I will give the crown of glory, because I love you and gave My life for you. You’ve been through many trials; you have suffered often because of guilt – guilt, because you think that you don’t measure up to My expectations; guilt, because you are so aware of “THE WRONGS” in your life. I want you to come to Me, because My yoke is never heavy. Leave the cloak of guilt behind and put on My robe. This is My robe of favour because of My righteousness and My holiness in you. It is like a covering over you so that I only see Myself in you. My glory is shining through you. Listen to My words and take it to heart – too often you have filters in your ears so that you only hear certain things that I’m telling you. Take away those filters because I long to share My thoughts with you and what I have in mind for you. For this is My time of favour for you My child!” (Prophetic Word April 2013)

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