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Our mission is

  • To influence others to become agents of change through effective prayer and prophetic actions. This involves understanding God’s voice, God’s timing, and the role of fragrances mentioned in the Bible.
  • To bring awareness of God’s heart for specific nations, and the influence of prayer and prophetic action on the land.
  • To supply anointing oils and prophetic products for prayer and prophetic actions.

This is done through counselling, teaching and prophetic word.

Our vision is

  • To be the fragrance of Christ (2Cor 2:14,15).
  • To prepare the way for the Lord (Mark 1:2-4).

Our Products

  • Can be used by everyone who wants to be God’s Agent of Change. This includes Mothers, Fathers, Grand Parents, Children, Business People, Athletes and Prayer Walkers.
  • Are consecrated to the Lord for the accomplishment His purposes.
  • Contain ingredients that are carefully chosen to ensure good quality. The specific ingredients are selected according to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
  • The labels’ colours and design are chosen for its prophetic meaning.

Marelize Nolan, the founder of IT IS TIME Products & Services is a registered counselor with a background in biblical studies, psychology and interior decorating. She started ministering in 2010 in Biblical fragrances after the Lord spoke to her about her life calling to be the fragrance of Christ.

The Birth of IT IS TIME

In 2011 she sensed God’s calling to release the first IT IS TIME anointing oil. The release of the oil on 31 January 2012 was going to be like a trumpet announcing a new season, not only in her personal life, but also for South Africa, as well as for Africa. Through Jeremiah’s vision of the almond branch the Lord said that it was time for the Almond Anointing Oil (Jer 1).

The Logo

The picture of a house bursting with flames was inspired by the word Beth-El. Jacob had an encounter with the Lord, was so touched by it, that he anointed the place and called Beth-El, which means the house of God’s burning presence (Gen 28:18). That place became a portal for God’s presence between heaven and earth.

Marelize Nolan

IT IS TIME believes in the working together of the different parts of the Body of Christ, because there God commands His blessing (Ps 133:1-3). It’s like the oil flowing from Aaron’s head on to his beard, down to the edge of his robe until everything becomes drenched by the same oil. This oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit working in all of us. We consequently acknowledge that the Holy Spirit can stir the same matter in the different parts of His Body at the same time. We therefore often join hands with other ministries in accomplishing His purposes for the time frame in which we live.

A fragrance walk through the Bible

The mention of aromas or fragrant substances runs like a thread throughout the Bible:

The first is in Gen.28:20,21 when Noah built an altar to God right after the ark reached dry ground. When God smelled the aroma of the offer, He was so pleased that He made the first covenant mentioned in the Bible.
Then we read of the recipe for the incense altar when God told Moses to mix and burn it when intercession was made for the nation (Ex 30:34,35).
God also gave Moses the recipe of aromatic oils to be mixed to anoint the High Priest, as a declaration of the purpose for which he was called. The furniture in the tabernacle also had to be anointed with this oil (Ex.30).
Then in Ps.45 the oil of gladness is described and linked to the fragrances of myrrh, aloes and cassia.
In the New Testament fragrance is likened to how Jesus’ life can influence us and how a Christian should similarly influence others (2Cor 2:14,15).
In the last book of Revelation, the prayers of the saints is likened to a fragrance before God’s throne (Rev 5:8&8:3,4).
Fragrances are thus integral in the experience of God in the Bible.