Restoration from False Guilt

Hear My words and take it to heart, because I am calling you to a level that you haven’t been before. Your previous level was one of loneliness in your experiences because you felt that no-one else understood what you were going through. One in which you have often felt like a worm because of the many battles that you have encountered after which you’ve felt that the Enemy got the upper hand.

And now that you did win a few battles, you’re still afraid. You’re looking around to see where the enemy is lurking. You have been so used to battling the Enemy that to be afraid and to feel weak is now second nature to you. I tell you, don’t be afraid, but look to Me – see Me upholding you with My righteous right hand, My strong hand, My hand which carries My authority. I will lift you up and uphold you at a level where the Enemy cannot harm you, but you need to let go of the old thought patterns of expecting and accepting to lose battles. You need to see Me upholding you. Allow your brain to imprint this on your mind, that I’m upholding you every second of the day.

My Child, you have been torn by the accusations of the Enemy. You’ve allowed yourself to sink to such a deep level of guilt that you don’t even realize any more that those accusation are all false. Satan has been accusing you before My throne, but I have not yielded because I have covered you with My RIGHTEOUSNESS. I have covered you with My HOLINESS. Though you have the crown of righteousness and holiness, a crown that I have given you, you don’t wear it anymore. Instead, you’re wearing torn clothes, torn because of accusations that are clinging to you.

Distance yourself from the Enemy! See Me standing in front of you with a new robe and a new crown. Take off the torn garment of false accusations and put on the new garment. And as you put on the new garment, remember that you need to keep the Enemy at a distance otherwise this new garment will quickly become torn like the old one. This new one is a garment of praise. It will not get torn as long as you keep on praising Me, thanking Me and worshiping Me.

Look at Me; I’m putting on your head My crown of glory, for in Me you are free. In Me you are glorious.

If you are going to doubt what you have in Me and what I have in you, if you’re going to doubt our mutual love for one another My child, this crown will begin to waver like a boat in rough seas. Hold on to Me, for then you will be able to step out in true freedom and in true confidence, because your trust and confidence is grounded in Me.

I love you with an everlasting love.

30 May 2015 (Shared at a Womens Conference – Marelize Nolan)

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