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Audio Recordings

Rainbow Gospel recordings of which the content centres around the meaning of the IT IS TIME Anointing Oils. It also contain prophetic words released for individuals or nations.

Perfect Love Casts out Fear

A revelation of Abba Father’s love, abiding in Him, and allowing His compassionate love to flow through us to others during this Pandemic, will bring boldness and joy, while casting out fear (1John1:4 1John4:18 Mark14:36 Rom8:15 Ps103:13).

The Bridegroom Is Coming, but the Spirit of Death Is Still at Work in the Bride

The heightened fear of death worldwide is strengthening the work of the spirit of death, but Jesus wants to break the power of death, to free those enslaved by the fear of death. Marelize also gives examples of how the spirit of death disguises himself among Christians during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

The Warrior Bride

Marelize uses King Hezekiah as example, to describes the actions of a Warrior in tune with God. She also focuses on the pictures of the Warrior Bridegroom coming for His Warrior Bride, as seen in Song of Solomon, and uses the fragrant plants in King Solomon’s bride’s garden to give insight into the identity of the Bride of Christ.

Law Enforcement, Violence & The Fragrance of Strength and Purity

With heightened levels of violence in many countries, Law Enforcement has come under the spotlight. As a guide in praying for Law Enforcement Officers, Marelize shares about watchmen in the Bible as representatives of Law Enforcement, about God’s view of strength and purity, and about trees in the Bible that represent those characteristics.

The Language of His Love, as the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley

In Revelations, we are described as the Bride of Christ, but in Song of Solomon, the language of love between Jesus our Bridegroom and us as His Bride, gets described. In this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic, He wants to strengthen that relationship with His Bride.

His Protection at This Time & Prophetic Words

While many nations are still in the Corona Virus lockdown, Marelize gives some prophetic words about God’s protection over our bodies, our minds, our finances, and our relationships, and His thoughts regarding the many needs around us, at this time.

Our Prayers Before His Throne Are Filling the Golden Bowls of Incense

In this season of the Corona Virus spread, in which the atmosphere on earth gets filled with fear and anger, God wants us to know that our prayers are precious, because it fills the atmosphere before His throne with a sweet fragrance. Marelize shares how the Altar of Incense and its ingredients shows us more about Jesus our Mediator and Advocate, and about our prayer life, specifically for these challenging times.

The Spiritual Influence of the Waters Around You

Marelize shares on what the Bible says about water, how what happens at the water can influence the water, and how that can spiritually influence the area. Included, is how to pray at the water source in your area and how to declare the fulfillment of God’s purpose for that water source. She also describes how to use Word Scrolls when you do your prophetic actions at the water. Featuring Word Scrolls

The Iron Anointing: Standing Strong

When we are going through tough times, God promises an anointing of greater authority and ability, like He did for the prophets Micah and Jeremiah. Marelize shares about the biblical significance of cinnamon oil and its Hebrew meaning, of standing strong. She also gives prophetic words for this season. View more details on the Iron Anointing Oil and Essential Hand Sanitizer 100ml.

In Times like These, Taste and See That the Lord Is Good!

In challenging times, God often uses our sense to taste, to see, to hear, to touch, and to smell, to speak to us, just like He did with David, as seen in his psalms, and also as seen in Moses’s tabernacle. Marelize shares this message while many countries are still in lockdown because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Lord, Anoint My Eyes to See!

In this session Marelize talks about our spiritual eyes being anointed, to discern, to see God’s plan, but also to see the Devil’s plan. This is needed in a time of the Corona Virus Lockdown, especially just before the Day of Pentecost, a day that has also been declared as National Day of Prayer by the President of South Africa.

What Did God Say Before Covid-19

Often the Lord prepares us for what lies ahead – He does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). Marelize shares her testimony of how God, unknowingly to her, prepared her for the present pandemic, and talks about the importance of keeping a journal of what God is saying. She also looks at prophecies that were released last year about the current time that we are in.

The Government on His Shoulders

In this time of the Corona Virus lockdown, governments are under pressure to make the right decisions for its people. Marelize gives guidelines on how to pray for your government, by using Isaiah 9, looking at God’s view of governance, and how God revealed Himself to a nation in distress.

Praying for Your President

In the current time of lock down because of the Corona Virus, leaders of countries are challenged to give direction. Marelize shares examples from the Bible on how God uses leaders of countries to bring the fulfillment of His plan, and how the Enemy will try to intercept God’s plans, to cause a different outcome. It is therefore crucial to pray for them at this time. She closes the program by praying for South Africa’s President Ramaphosa.

Lamb of God, Lion of Judah

In the book of Revelations, Jesus is portrayed as the Lam of God, but also as the Lion of Judah. In the previous radio session, Hear the Lion Roars, Marelize shared God’s prophetic word, through the characteristics of the lion. In this session she shares a prophetic word of encouragement for this time of lockdown, through the unique characteristics of a lamb, and compares it to that of the lion.

Hear the Lion Roars

The lion uses different roaring sounds depending on what he wants to communicate, like the roar to assure his pride of his protection, or the roar when he is gets ready to fight to defend his own, or the roaring sound when he calls back his wayward sons and daughters. These are all biblical examples of when God roars as the lion. Marelize uses this, to give prophetic word of His roaring sounds at this point in time, especially His roar of calling back His prodigal sons and daughters, before Jesus, the Lion of Judah, comes back, to call us home for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

The Atmosphere Is Changing

While being in a period of lockdown to curb the spread of the Corona Virus, people and churches have used the most innovative ways to bring the message of Passover and Easter across to the world this past weekend. This has impacted the spiritual atmosphere over nations, amidst the impact of fear because of the rapid spread of the virus. Marelize gives examples of changed spiritual atmospheres in the Bible, how it was conducive for the fulfilment of God’s plan, and how we can be instrumental in the changing of the spiritual atmosphere to prepare our environment for God’s promised revival.

The King Is Coming and the Enemy Is Furious

Being in the challenging season of the Corona Virus lockdown, while we are in the period between Palm Sunday and Easter, IT IS TIME to remind ourselves that King Jesus is coming, and that the Enemy, knowing that his time is short, will be out to destroy God’s plans for individuals and nations, before Jesus’ second coming. Marelize uses the Biblical example of when king Solomon’s brother was crowned as king, just before King Solomon’s God-appointed crowning, as an example of how the Enemy will try to destroy God’s plans.

God's Breath in Our Lungs

Breathing plays a significant role in Corona Virus infected patients. God breathed His breath into Adam’s lungs and since then we have been breathing His life-giving breath. Marelize shares about the inhaling and exhaling of our physical breath, but also about our spiritual breath, the Holy Spirit, and also the Word of God which is God-breathed. It is a significant time in history, in which Christians have an open heaven to pray for those who are suffering because of the Corona Virus, that they will turn to God. IT IS TIME for Christians to breath in God’s Word, to listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, and to do accordingly, at this time of lockdown for most countries.

God's Protection over Our Physical Bodies

At present the Corona Virus is spreading rapidly. Psalm 91 gives different ways in which God wants to protect you, that you can visualize to help you to stay strong when times get tough. Marelize also shares on the meaning of YHWH Rapha, the God who heals, and about getting perspective on the number of your days on earth.

God's Strength Amidst an Anxious World

At a time in which the corona virus is spreading rapidly, we can become pillars and influencers, because of God’s strength at work in us. Trees are often used in the Bible to describe God’s strength. Marelize talks about the terebinth, the oak, the sandalwood, the cedar and the cypress, as examples of the different elements of His strength.

The Oil of Joy Instead of the Spirit of Heaviness

We need the anointing with the oil of joy to be joyful in tough times. Marelize uses Jesus, who received this anointing for His life on earth, as example. She explains the meaning of the ingredients of the oil of joy as given in Ps. 45, the myrrh, aloe, and cassia.

Awakening the Priesthood

When we understand our mandate as the Royal Priesthood, and live a life true to that mandate, we set the stage for revival. Marelize Nolan shares in this radio recording that IT IS TIME for the awakening and the restoration of the Priesthood. The Priesthood Restoration Anointing Oil features in this program – Priestly Restoration Anointing Oil.

The Power of the Covenant

God’s covenant, the old covenant and the new covenant, is beautifully explained in the covenant between David and his close friend Jonathan. This is often seen in how David experienced God as his Covenant Partner, in the Psalms that he wrote. Marelize uses this to illustrate the power of God’s covenant in our lives.

Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours – the Effect of Sin on the Land

God’s heart is breaking for those who are suffering because of the effect of sin on the land. Marelize discusses the types of sin mentioned in the Bible, that has an effect on the land, and how we as Christians can be the agents of change to bring healing to the land. The notes on How To Prayer Walk will help you, when you want to take action after this session.

The Radiance of God’s Voice

This is about hearing God in different ways, based on Ezekiel’s experience when he heard God’s voice like the sound of many waters. Marelize also shares that the more you understand your identity and how He wants to communicate with you personally, the more you will be able to appreciate God’s ways in others, and be able to move in unity with others in the body of Christ.

Face to Face with the King

Marelize shares about the determination and hunger to seek His face (Song  3), about King David’s experience in the King’s glory and presence (Ps. 24), about the prophetic wedding song with King Jesus (Ps. 45) and Jacob’s warrior encounter when he met God face to face (Gen. 32).

Opening the Heavens above Your Property and above the Nation

This is a follow up of the session Praying Over Your Property from 8 January 2020.  Marelize uses historical events at Beth-El, a place mentioned in the Bible, to describe how a gateway between heaven and earth is formed, and how this is to be maintained. The IT IS TIME Word Scrolls feature in this session.

Growing in Favour with God, as Preparation for 2020

How to grow in God’s favour, from the lives of Samuel and Jesus, including God’s Favour Declarations, and principles that must be applied to experience the fulfilment of God’s promises concerning the new year. The Favour of God Anointing Oil features in this session.

Praying over Your Property, Preparing It for 2020

Marelize uses the prophetic word for the New Year, that she shared on the 1st of January, as basis, to give guidelines on how to pray and anoint you property, for the fulfilment of that prophetic word. All the IT IS TIME Anointing Oils in the 50ml bottles, with dropper mouths, which is ideal for anointing an area, featured in this program.