Kingly Authority Anointing Oil



To declare the Christian’s anointing as being seated with Him in the heavenly places.

This oil, the last of the 12 oils, was released in 2018 as a result of a prophecy received a few years ago: “My child, you’re operating from the river of life, proceeding from My throne. It is fueling My fire in you, and producing a compassion in you. I give you My heavenly authority to ask Me for the nations. You’re set on a throne of royalty, to act accordingly. I have made you a successful completion, blessed to bear fruit from the seed that I’ve planted in you.” (Rev 22:1 Ps 2:8).

As Christians, we have the authority to reign – to act from a foundation of power and dominion (Rom 5:17 Ps 8:4-7). Emotional wounds and a wounded self-image can keep us from operating from that position. God’s healing balm can bring healing in order for us to take on the identity of someone reigning with Him. With the right identity, we’ll have the boldness to ask Him for the nations, and the boldness to speak life and blessings, also on our offspring (Heb 2:14-16 Ps 127:3-5). We will then experience an inward motivating fire to conquer, like Gideon did (Jdg 6&7). God even promises to use the fighter’s bloodied clothes, to fuel a fire in the fighter (Is 9:4,5).

Use this anointing oil to declare that the Christian will walk in the kingly authority prepared by the King of kings.

Size: 10ml

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