The Kingly Authority

My child, you’re operating from the river of life, proceeding from My throne (Rev 22:1). It is fueling My fire in you, and producing a compassion in you. I give you My heavenly authority to ask Me for the nations (Ps 2:8). I’ve planted My seeds in you – declare My words over those seeds, for you are ‘Tetelestai’, a successful completion, to bear fruit. You’re set on a throne of royalty, to act accordingly!

To walk in this authority, You need My healing – in your thought life and in your inner being – healing from the hurt caused by life’s experiences, because its holding you back and discoloring your outlook on life. So come to Me, let My light shine on those parts where you need healing, and trust Me for My healing balm, for I am YHWH Rapha, the One who heals. As you walk this road with Me, you will grow in your authority and grow in the power of the Holy Spirit in you, so that you will reign with an inner fire, to bring down ungodly powers, and to establish My plans before I come.

By Marelize Nolan
20 August 2018

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