Restoration towards Holiness and Intimacy

“My child, I love you and have paid a price for you. Just as a hen want to gather her chicks under her wings, so I want to have you close to My heart.

There was a time when you have served Me with passion, but lately your heart have grown cold because of disappointment in the outcome of things. Disillusionment have crept in, because matters close to your heart, have not turned out the way that you’d expected. In the process you have allowed the Enemy to tear you away, even to such a point where anarchy has crept into your soul. A heart that intimately belonged to Me at one time have grown cold in apathy.

Yet, I will keep on calling you back to Me so that you will return to that place of closeness in Me, that place of hearing My voice when I want to share My heart’s desires with you.

My children, My heart is yearning for you to become one. You are pulling in so many different directions, thinking you are doing the right thing, while you loose sight of the fact that it is only through your love for one another the world will get to know My love. This is My prayer for you – that you will be one as I and the Father are one; that My joy will be in you; that you will constantly be purified by My Word. My longing is that you’ll become so intimate with Me so that wherever I move, you will also be, BECAUSE THEN THE FATHER’S GLORY WILL BE SHINING THROUGH YOU.”

– 30 Nov.2014 (Word shared at release of Calamus Anointing Oil – Marelize Nolan)

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