Don’t Give in When Fear Is Plucking at Your Heart Strings/Moenie Toegee as Vrees Kom Pluk Aan Jou Hartskitaar Se Snare

Fear can manifest in many different ways in us, depending on our personalities and past experiences. When the Bible says that we should not fear, but put our trust in the Lord, our first step in overcoming fear, is to recognize our fear and how it manifests.

God is our Counselor Who wants to walk the road with us, in every step of the way in overcoming our fear in this time of the Pandemic.

Ps.46 1Kings 19 Ex.14:13-14

Breathing the Breath of The Beloved

Jesus, our Beloved Bridegroom is waiting for the day when He can meet us as His Bride for the marriage supper of the Lamb. In the meantime He is longing for us to be in that place of intimacy with Him, where we can experience His breath and hear His voice.

A new anointing oil, called The Beloved’s Breath, was released on the recent Jewish New Year, as a declaration of a season in which He wants to breathe His breath into His Bride. Marelize talks about this new oil and uses the different fragrances associated with the Bridegroom in Songs of Solomon, the Myrrh, the Frankincense, the Spikenard and the Henna, to show the different aspects of His breath which He wants to breathe into us, which will help us in these challenging times.

Song 2-5 Eph.5:26-27

This is a follow-up of the Radio Broadcast Hanging on His Lips

Praying for Afghanistan, Going Deeper into God’s Plan

This broadcast is a follow up on a previous broadcast about Praying for Afghanistan.

God has a special plan for the people of Afghanistan – from the children, to the parents, to the Christians, to those who are currently in control of the country. Contrary to God’s plan, is the enemy’s plan for them. Therefore we need to pray God’s plan into fulfilment, over those who have left the country, and over those who are still in the country. This is based on prophetic words concerning Afghanistan.

Deut.33 Ps.69:5-6 Jer.24:5 1 Sam.2:8 Rom.8:28 Zec.4:6-7 Ps.46

Featuring Praying for Afghanistan

Hanging on His Lips / Om Aan Die Here Se Lippe Te Hang

In his times of uncertainty or upheaval, king David was hanging on God’s lips and clinging to His words. It’s an example of how king Solomon’s bride expressed her beloved’s lips and his presence to be like dripping liquid myrrh. Marelize shares on the meaning of that experience, and why it is so important for us to cling to our Beloved’s lips in challenging times.

Song 1-5 Luke 19:48 Ps.119:161-163 Ps.45 Ps.81:13-16

Featuring Myrrh Gum Resin

Praying for Afghanistan

Let us pray God’s beautiful plan and purpose for this mountain land, according to His revealed word for Afghanistan, in this time of uncertainty.

Deut.33:13-17 Acts 17:26 Ex.24:10 Hos.14:5-8

From Teaching Our Children, to Teaching Others, What Do We Have in Common with the Bible’s Priest? / Wat Het Ouers En Onderwysers in Gemeen Met Die Bybelse Priester?

In the Bible the teacher was judged by a higher standard than others. In the Old Testament the teachers were the priests, who had to live by certain principles. In the New Testament, the teachers were the Pharisees and Sadducees, the people of whom Jesus was very judgmental, because they didn’t live by the principles that they taught others to live by.

Marelize uses the life principles of the priest, as an example of God’s guidelines, when you want to influence others when teaching them, or when you want to pray for your child’s teachers.

Featuring the Priesthood Restoration Anointing Oil

Jam.3:1 Tit.2:7-8 Heb.5:12-14 Matt.23 Deut.33:8-11 Mal.2 1Pet.2:5 Heb.10:16 Phil.2:3-6

When God Stretches Your Faith, like the Daddy Who Wants His Girl to Jump Further, Before He Catches Her

Noah and Joseph are good examples of how God often stretches our faith so that we’ll be stronger, and better prepared for the new season or position in which He wants to use us.

If your dad played the game with you, of holding his hands out while calling on you to jump, and then repeating it while standing further and further away, it may have built in you a strength that will push you to not fear when taking calculated risks. If the opposite has happened, in which your dad acted in a way that brought disappointment or distrust, it may influence your trust in God as a good Father. Marelize address this issue when she speaks about God stretching our faith to become stronger.

Heb.11:7 Luke 13:34 Deut.1:29-31

Desiring God, like When You See and Smell Grandma’s Pudding and You Can’t Think of Anything Else!

The Welsh Revival was preceded by a hunger for God and a desire to be bend by the Spirit of God. South Africa has recently gone through a tough time because of major protests and looting. In this time a video was shared on social media of workers at a shopping mall in South Africa, going down on their knees and lifting up their hands while the song ‘I surrender all to Jesus’ was playing. Marelize asks the question whether this is perhaps the start of God’s promised revival for South Africa and for Africa.

Job 28 Is.11:2-4 Num.11:25 Col.1 Eph.3:16-19 Ps.73:25-26 Jer.29:13 Ps.42:1-2

Featuring the Harvest Time Anointing Oil and the Harvest Time Vision.

I Know My Redeemer Lives/Ek Weet My Verlosser Leef

Job, while facing death on all sides, and sitting on an ash heap scratching his sores, spoke about his Redeemer, using a Hebrew word that was foreign to him at that time, which means the one who takes back that which was lost, and makes free that which was bound. It was a prophetic declaration that Job needed at that time, which is also needed right now.

This radio talk includes a prophetic word in Afrikaans, and it features the Calamus Anointing Oil.

Job 19:25-27 Zec.14 Luke 4:18 Jam.5:11 Zec.3 1 Pet.1:14 Heb.10:10

Do Not Fear / Moenie Vrees Nie

This is the Lord ‘s message in the context of what is happening in South Africa at the moment, with our beloved country going through devastation. it is the same message that God gave to Israel when she was going through a tough time.

May this message from Zeph.3 encourages you and guides you on how to pray for South Africa, for its leaders and influencers, and for its people at this time.

Zeph.3 Isa. 35:3 Zech.13:9