Pomegranate Anointing Oil



Pomegranate tassels on the High Priest’s garment reminded him to live righteous (Ex.28:33). After Jesus was crucified, the pomegranate became a symbol of Jesus’ righteousness and of the price that He paid so that we can be free from guilt and sin, being covered by His righteousness.

Pomegranate is also associated with the love between bride and groom in Song. 7:12 and thus became symbolic of the love between God and His bride.

Pomegranate in Hebrew means ‘to be lifted up’, implying in the Word an elevation to a level where you are liberated to fulfil your purpose (Ps.40:2) and freed to overcome the Enemy (Ps.3:3).

The Pomegranate Anointing Oil is thus a declaration of a revelation of His love which covers you and lifts you up so that you can fulfil His dream for you.

Size: 10ml