Priesthood Restoration Anointing Oil



To declare the returning to God’s picture for His loved ones, of standing as a holy priesthood for Him.

We are called the holy priesthood, set apart to please Him (1Pet 2:5). Though the Old Testament Priesthood had ceased, those principles still applies – to discern His voice and to pray; to be in love with Him and His Word; to be a light that shows the way; to mediate for others, interceding and repenting on their behalf (Deut 33:8-11 Heb 10:14-25). When we as Christians have grown cold towards Him, restoration is essential, for He wants to use us as agents of restoration.

Use this anointing oil as declaration of the restoration of the priesthood amongst Christians, in the various spheres of influence – in Religion, Business, Government, Education, Media, Arts, and Family (Mal 4 Ezr 1 Rev 17:9,10).

Size: 10ml

Prophetic Word on The Priestly Restoration