El Shaddai Carrier for Anointing Oils



A high quality soft-shell and compact carrier with padded sections for 16 x 10ml bottles of anointing oil. It can also hold a few 50ml bottles.
The meaning of El Shaddai: When God appeared to Abraham for the fulfillment of His promises, God revealed Himself as El Shaddai, meaning Almighty God, the All-sufficient One (Gen.17:1-2). El comes from Elohim in Hebrew, which means the strong Creator, and Shaddai is the Hebrew word for Almighty. So, God created the world and each human, filled with His plans and His promises, and He is also able, and want to fulfill every detail of those plans and promises.
As God revealed Himself to Abraham, so Abraham carried this revelation over to his son, so that Isaac was convinced to declare to his son Jacob, that El Shaddai would bless him, would give him a wife, and would bless his off-spring (Gen. 23:3). Then when Jacob was old, he also declared over Joseph that El Shaddai would bless him in all areas of his life (Gen. 49:25).
The El Shaddai Carrier is to hold all the anointing oils that you need to use for the fulfilment of God’s plans and promises. It’s a reminder to you that He is the powerful All-sufficient One.
Colour: Black
Size: 13cm x 13cm x 16cm
The bottles are not included.
(The round labels on top of the bottle caps in the photograph, are available for our IT IS TIME Anointing Oils, for R8.00 each. Send a message to find out which labels are available.