Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil



This oil was released on the night of 18 September 2020, at the beginning of the Jewish New Year. It was also released on the radio airwaves five days later. This was done as a declaration in a time frame, in which God wants to use our voices as trumpets – to break silence in certain areas, and to create silence in others, also to bring comfort where there is pain, or to sound the alarm in other areas.

The ingredients in this oil, consists of the lily perfume oil, and the aloe or agarwood oil.

The lily oil was chosen because of its connection to the trumpet – the word for ‘lily’ in Hebrew, is shushan, which is the same word used for trumpet, because of the bell shape of the lily flower, which is very similar to bell of the trumpet.

The aloe, as it is called in the Bible, is not from the plant that we know today as aloe, but from agarwood. Aloe was in Proverbs (7:17) one of the fragrances in the wedding bed. The connection aloe has with the Hebrew wedding, is that the top part of the aloe tree is in the shape of a small tent, and in Bible times, a small tent was pitched on top of the roof of the house where the wedding celebration took place. So, while the guests were celebrating the wedding, which went on for 7 days, the wedding couple could enjoy their first night together in the small tent on the roof. The aloe thus become synonym with intimacy between bride and groom. By implication, the aloe in the anointing oil represents the intimacy between us as the Bride of Christ, and Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom.

Prophetically, the aloe and the lily in the anointing oil, portrays that God will use the voices of those who are in close intimacy with Him, as trumpets, to bring forth His will in challenging circumstances.

There are two types of trumpets mentioned in the Bible – the ram’s horn (shofar) and the silver trumpet (Num.10). The trumpet bell on the anointing oil label was chosen to represent both these trumpets mentioned in the Bible.
Is.40 Is.58:1 Heb.4:12 Rev.1:10

Size: 10ml