The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil



God wants to use our voices like trumpets in different ways, like for instance, to break silence, or to bring silence, or to declare healing, or to sound the alarm. Use this anointing oil as declaration that His will be using the voices of those who are in close intimacy with Him, as trumpets, to bring forth His will, especially in challenging times.

This oil was released on 18th September 2020, at the beginning of the Jewish New Year, as a declaration of a season in which God wants to use our voices in a mighty way.

The ingredients were chosen to declare its prophetic meaning –
1) The lily of the valley oil, because of the lily’s shape that is so similar to that of the trumpet, and both are called shushan, in Hebrew.
2) The biblical aloe, called agarwood oil (not the same as the aloe of today). Aloe was one of the fragrances of the wedding bed (Prov.7:17). Its connection comes from the Hebrew wedding, when the wedding couple, for their first nights together, slept in a small tent above the house of the wedding celebration, while the guests were still celebrating. It had the same shape as the top of the aloe tree. The aloe oil thus represents intimacy between Jesus Christ and His beloved Bride.

The label: the trumpet on the label represents the two types of trumpets mentioned in the Bible – the ram’s horn (shofar), and the silver trumpet (Num.10), to include all the purposes for which trumpets were used in those times.

Scriptures to use in your declarations – Is.40 Is.58:1 Heb.4:12 Rev.1:10.

Size: 10ml/50ml