The Beloved’s Breath Anointing Oil



This is about the anointing and effect of intimacy with Jesus, who is our Beloved.

He is our awaiting Bridegroom (2 Cor.11:2), who longs for His waiting Bride, to be in that place of intimacy with Him, where He can breath His breath into her. The effect of that is, a waiting Bride who is – 1) engulfed by His presence, represented by the liquid myrrh dripping from the Bridegroom’s lips in Song 5:13, (taken from the Hebrew meaning of myrrh, as a distillation drop, which when accumulated, forms a cloud, reminding us of the cloud of God’s presence over the tabernacle);

2) surrounded by His protection in time of fear and trouble, represented by the cloud of myrrh and frankincense around the Warrior Bridegroom in Song 3:6-8;

3) granted authority and set apart to reign with Him, represented by the spikenard, which was the kingly oil  in Song 1:12;

4) covered by Himself as Redeemer, represented by the henna blooms in Song 1:14 (the meaning of the word henna in Hebrew is to be covered).

Jesus as our Beloved, wants to be our closest One, to breathe His breath into us, to assure us of our identity in Him, and to let us know that He is ready to fight for us.

Listen to the release of this anointing oil on radio broadcast – The Beloved’s Breath Anointing Oil Release

Size: 10ml/50ml