Gideon Anointing Oil



The Mighty Warrior Anointing

This oil is based on God’s declaration of Gideon as the mighty man of strength while Gideon was in fact hiding in fear of the enemy (Judg.6:2). The character of the terebinth tree mentioned when Gideon was approached portray what God saw in Gideon – this tree can survive on rocky mountains in spite of very little soil, amid strong winds and extreme temperatures. Its molecule structure also causes it to have a high resistance against diseases.

The anointing is thus one of endurance, strength, the determination and ability to conquer, amid strong adversity.

Frankincense was added to declare the fulfilment of God’s original plan for the one who will be anointed.
Almond was added to declare God’s time for the fulfilment of His plan (Jer.1:5,11).

On the label are the horns of the Nguni, an African breed also known for its endurance and strength. The horns on the label represent the authority God bestows on His anointed ones (Ps.92).

Size: 10ml/50ml