Mercy of God Anointing Oil



Previously called the Cedar&Hyssop Blend Anointing Oil, the original release of the oil was the result of an outcry to God because of the critical state of nations.

When the leper was healed, the High Priest had to perform a ceremony before the leper could be restored. He had to take a piece of cedar, a branch of hyssop, tie it with a red cloth, dip it into water mixed with blood and sprinkle it on the leper seven times. The same procedure was used for the houses containing leprosy (Lev.14).
This cleansing ceremony is symbolic of God’s restoration from the affects of sin (Is.1;Heb.9). Cedar symbolizes life (Rom.5:12) and Hyssop is symbolic of cleansing and healing (Ps.51). The red cloth, for which Henna was used, represents the covering of sin (Is.1:18; Jos.2; Jam.2:25). Water and blood, for which Myrrh was used, reminds of Jesus’ pierced body where blood and water flowed from His side because of the agony that He went through (Is.53:3,4).

Apply this oil to declare God’s Mercy for healing (Is.53:5), cleansing (Is.1:16-20) and restoration (Is.61:1-4).

Size: 10ml/50ml

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