Mirror Images & The Palindrome / Spieëlbeelde & Die Palindroom

With the recent date of 22/02/2022 as a palindrome, it is time to share on the examples of mirror images in the Bible, like the covenant that God made with Abram, and its unfolding in the New Covenant. Another mirror image is about what Jesus inherited, mirrored as our inheritance, and the Word of God being like a mirror, so that as we look into it, we’d be changed from glory to greater glory.

Gen.15:10 2 Cor.5:21 1Sam.18 Rom.8:17 Ps.16 Jam.1:23-25 Rom.6 2 Cor.3:18 Heb.12:18 John 17

Father God’s Identity & The Dung Beetle / Vader God se Identiteit & Die Miskruier

Each one of us is unique and carries God’s identity, because we’ve been created according to God’s image. This is compared to the unique characteristics of the dung beetle, a valuable small insect, which faces extinction in certain parts of the world.

Ps.10:14 Gen.3 1Jhn.1:3 Jhn.10:32 Ps.139 Ps.37:23 Eph.4:4-16 Gal.1:15-16 Ps.23:3

Don’t Let the Water Quench Your Fire / Moenie Dat Die Water Jou Vuur Blus Nie

God wants us to experience His word like a fire burning in us, and to experience His love, as a most vehement flame. This is in contrast to our spiritual enemy and his army, who is often compared in the Bible with flood and waters.

Marelize shares about God’s banner that He raises over those who are in awe of Him, so that they may be delivered, and the banner that the Spirit of the Lord raises against the enemy, when he comes in like a flood, so that God’s fire will not be quenched.

Luk.3:16 Song 8:6-7 Is.59:19 Ps.60:4-5 Is.8:7 Jer.20:9 Is.42:3 Matt.11:7 Is.9:4-5

A Struggle to React According to God’s Image

God created us according to His image and likeness. How then, do we detect whether we live and act according to His image; what is the basis of our authority and dominion in Christ; and why is it so important to understand His authority?

The Kingly Authority Anointing Oil is also discussed.

Ps.8:3-6 Is.53:3 Rom.5:17 Eph.2:6 Is.9:4-5 Gen.1 Prov.8:31 Eph.4:24 Ps.139:14-17 1 John 4:18 Matt.8:5-13 2 Cor.3:12-18

South Africa on His Lips

Marelize shares a prophetic word for South Africa, from Ps.7 & 8, talking about how God wants to reveal Himself at this time to the nation, as God Most High, or in Hebrew, as El Elyon.

Ps.7 & 8 Mark 5 Gen.14:19 Isa.14 Gen.1:14 Ps.47:1-3 Ps.2 Heb.2

Featuring Frankincense Anointing Oil

Prophecy regarding the Children

God and the Spekboom/God En Die Spekboom

Marelize shares about the things that we can learn from the South African Spekboom and its unique features, about the nature of the God who created the Spekboom, about who He is, and about what He wants to see in us as His loved ones.

Phil.4:19 Heb.4:17 1 Cor.9:19-22 Ps.104:24 Prov.3:11-12 Jam.1:2-4,12

Should I Speak or Should I Be Silent/Moet Ek Praat of Moet Ek Stilbly

Following up on last week’s broadcast about God taking us on review at this time of the year, Marelize shares from her own experience about God’s review of her mouth and the words that she speaks.

How do we know when it is the right time to speak the truth to someone? Marelize touches on things like wisdom, emotional triggers that causes us to react without thinking, and examples of how Jesus reacted towards different people, to lead us to know how and when we should speak the truth in a given situation.

Luk.19 Prov.13:3 Ps.141:3 Matt.7:24-29 1 Kings 3 Prov.4:5-6 Prov.4:23 Matt.15:18-19

Prophetic Word for Germany

By Marelize Nolan – Received 05/09/19

Germany has come a long way, from being like a child, when it would curl up and hide in fear, when it was insulted by a grownup, to being an adult, determined to stand strong and to be in control of things, determined to never find itself ever again in that helpless position of when it was a child.

When it was young, Germany endured traumatic relationships, but now as an adult, it shows little sympathy towards others in fear, because the fear and helplessness in others serves as a reminder of its own memories, which is something it doesn’t want to be reminded of.

It is a highly intellectual nation, therefore it is efficient in using its deep-seated fear, to drive itself to be strong and to overcome. It is a nation of pride, who wants to be known by its strength. Therefore, it will look down on others who appear weak, and its nature is not to care for other nations, unless the care given, will benefit Germany.

Over the years it has built up walls to protect the insulted child, who is still in pain because of its childhood trauma. It needs healing, yet no one sees it, because Germany has been able to hide its pain so well behind high walls of self-protection. So, it will do everything possible to protect those walls, which has become its security and foundation, because those walls had protected the nation in the past from being torn apart by the enemy.

The Lord says, that it is His time for healing, time for Germany to surrender those walls of self-protection, self-righteousness and pride; for the Lord wants to be the wall of protection around Germany. Germany needs to open itself up, and become vulnerable again, so that God’s healing balm can reach into the deepest wounds of pain; for the Lord wants to use Germany’s strength as a rock, in a time when many other nations are going through turmoil, a rock on which other nations can trust, and rely, and can build upon.

Word Scrolls (Option: Germany) contains the prophetic scriptures to be declared over Germany for the fulfilment of this prophetic word.

How to Prayer Walk gives guidance in how to influence the land through prayer walking.