God’s Promises and the New Season/God Se Beloftes En Die Nuwe Seisoen

At the end of the year, we need to set time apart, to ask God about the past year, and about those promises that we’ve received from Him during the year, that didn’t come into fulfillment. Likewise, He has promises that He has spoken over us before the foundation of the world, regarding the coming new year, according to His foreknowledge, regardless of our disappointments, or areas of loss, or mistakes that we’ve made.

Marelize shares a word for this coming year, and share some thoughts on the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Ps.139:15 Matt.16:16-18 Luke 22:34 John 1:42 Is.46:9-10 Lam.3:22-23 Rom.8:14-16 Gal.4:5-6 Luke 1:45 1 John 5:14-15 1 Cor.9:26

God My Framework/Die Here My Raamwerk

Marelize shares how the Lord ministered to her during a recent loss, showing Himself to be like the framework of a building, when we are going through tough times. She shares how God shows Himself as our framework through His names, and through the acacia wood, a wood of strength, that was used for the framework in the Old Testament tabernacle.

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Our Beloved’s Engagement Ring for This Time

The traditional Jewish wedding and its wedding contract, called the ‘ketubah’, is often used in the Bible as a basis to show God’s love-covenant with Israel in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ love-covenant with His awaiting bride in the New Testament. In this time of many voices and challenging circumstances, God wants His bride to be aware of His love-covenant promises, and of His engagement ring as a promise of things to come, but also as the guide and helper for the times in which we are.

Isa.54:5 Jer.31:32 Gen.15:1, 18-21 Exo.19 Matt.25:1-13 Eph.1:13-14 John 16:13-14

Praying for Your Municipality/Om Vir Jou Munisipaliteit Te Bid

With the municipal election in South Africa just behind us, and while municipalities are in the midst of electing leaders, it is time to pray for those who are being elected. Marelize shares about why it is crucial that we pray for them, in order for us to live a peaceful life, and the spiritual warfare surrounding it.

1 Tim.2:1-4 Isa.61 Judg.5 Judg.8:27 Zec.8:15-17 Ps.101

His Glory Is like a Magnet/Sy Glorie Is Soos ‘n Magneet

What is God’s glory, why is Jesus called the radiance of His glory, and what effect does His glory have on those who are in awe of Him? Marelize also shares a testimony regarding God as our King, and His glory.

Ps.97 Rom.11:33-36 Heb.1:3 Rev.21:9-11 John 1:14 Is.49:3 Ps.10-11 Mal.4:2 Is.60:1-5 John 17 Ps.19 2 Cor.3:18 Eph.1:17-19 Ps.3

Beauty for Ashes/’n Kroon Vir ‘n Jas Van As

Jesus was anointed to do miracles on earth. One of those miracles was to give beauty for ashes. Marelize explains the meaning of beauty from the original text and also connects those scriptures from Isaiah 61 with her experience recently in running her first marathon.

Is.61 Job.2:8 2 Sam.13 Rom.8:28 Gen.50:20 Eph.3:20 Neh.8:10

Redeeming the Time

The Bible says that Christians should redeem or buy back those kairos, or opportune times that have been lost, an ability based on us being redeemed through Jesus Christ on the cross. This includes making the best use of our time on earth.

Marelize shares about her journey over the past 10 years since the start of the ministry of IT IS TIME, of opportunities that she has missed when it comes to the kairos timings of the Lord, and how the Lord in His mercy has helped her to redeem those times, so that His plan can still be fulfilled.

Eph.5:14-17 Col.4:5 Luk.4:43 Rom.13:11-12 Gal.6:9 Ps.90:12 Gal.4 Rom.8:15

When the Waves Are Getting Higher/Wanneer Die Golwe Hoër Word

If you are today surrounded with challenging circumstances, or surrounded with people who are mortally wrong, and those voices seems to be getting louder, the Lord wants to reveal Himself to you in a certain way, and guide you to follow in His footsteps through Ps.93, so that you can become the victor in your circumstances. This is also in the run up to the municipal elections for South Africans.

Ps.93 Is.57:20 Ps.29:10 Ex.18:11 Ps.63 Is.44:2

The Promises of God in Him, Are Yes and Amen/Die Beloftes Van God in Hom, Is Ja En Amen

None of us wants to come at the end of life, and find that some promises of God over us, have never been fulfilled. So we need to make sure that we do everything to bring all of what God has in store for us, into fulfilment.

Some of His promises get fulfilled as we walk our daily Christian life of faith, but for others we need to fight, like the Israelites had to do. Then there are those which we need to regularly remind God of, like David had to do, until we see the fulfilment of it.

May you experience the realization of every promise of God over your life.

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