Breathing the Breath of The Beloved

Jesus, our Beloved Bridegroom is waiting for the day when He can meet us as His Bride for the marriage supper of the Lamb. In the meantime He is longing for us to be in that place of intimacy with Him, where we can experience His breath and hear His voice.

A new anointing oil, called The Beloved’s Breath, was released on the recent Jewish New Year, as a declaration of a season in which He wants to breathe His breath into His Bride. Marelize talks about this new oil and uses the different fragrances associated with the Bridegroom in Songs of Solomon, the Myrrh, the Frankincense, the Spikenard and the Henna, to show the different aspects of His breath which He wants to breathe into us, which will help us in these challenging times.

Song 2-5 Eph.5:26-27

This is a follow-up of the Radio Broadcast Hanging on His Lips