Praying for Your Municipality/Om Vir Jou Munisipaliteit Te Bid

With the municipal election in South Africa just behind us, and while municipalities are in the midst of electing leaders, it is time to pray for those who are being elected. Marelize shares about why it is crucial that we pray for them, in order for us to live a peaceful life, and the spiritual warfare surrounding it.

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His Glory Is like a Magnet/Sy Glorie Is Soos ‘n Magneet

What is God’s glory, why is Jesus called the radiance of His glory, and what effect does His glory have on those who are in awe of Him? Marelize also shares a testimony regarding God as our King, and His glory.

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Beauty for Ashes/’n Kroon Vir ‘n Jas Van As

Jesus was anointed to do miracles on earth. One of those miracles was to give beauty for ashes. Marelize explains the meaning of beauty from the original text and also connects those scriptures from Isaiah 61 with her experience recently in running her first marathon.

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Redeeming the Time

The Bible says that Christians should redeem or buy back those kairos, or opportune times that have been lost, an ability based on us being redeemed through Jesus Christ on the cross. This includes making the best use of our time on earth.

Marelize shares about her journey over the past 10 years since the start of the ministry of IT IS TIME, of opportunities that she has missed when it comes to the kairos timings of the Lord, and how the Lord in His mercy has helped her to redeem those times, so that His plan can still be fulfilled.

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