When the Waves Are Getting Higher/Wanneer Die Golwe Hoër Word

If you are today surrounded with challenging circumstances, or surrounded with people who are mortally wrong, and those voices seems to be getting louder, the Lord wants to reveal Himself to you in a certain way, and guide you to follow in His footsteps through Ps.93, so that you can become the victor in your circumstances. This is also in the run up to the municipal elections for South Africans.

Ps.93 Is.57:20 Ps.29:10 Ex.18:11 Ps.63 Is.44:2

The Promises of God in Him, Are Yes and Amen/Die Beloftes Van God in Hom, Is Ja En Amen

None of us wants to come at the end of life, and find that some promises of God over us, have never been fulfilled. So we need to make sure that we do everything to bring all of what God has in store for us, into fulfilment.

Some of His promises get fulfilled as we walk our daily Christian life of faith, but for others we need to fight, like the Israelites had to do. Then there are those which we need to regularly remind God of, like David had to do, until we see the fulfilment of it.

May you experience the realization of every promise of God over your life.

Ps.119:49-50 1 Chron.17:23-27 Isa.43:26 Heb.11:1 1 Cor.2:9 Eph.2:10 2 Cor.1:20 Eph.5:14 Is.62 Eze.12:25 Isa.49:8-26 Isa.41:10 Ps.37:4

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He Is Ready to Fight for You / Hy Staan Gereed Om Vir Jou Te Veg

The King of kings, the Mighty One is calling you to come in line with His desire for you (Ps.45) – to listen and to make sure that you have heard right, to worship and to set Him first above all. His promise over you as His priest and His king, is a blessed and favoured life, with your dominion and influence being strengthened. He is ready to fight the enemy for the fulfilment of His promises over you.

Die Koning van konings, die Magtige Krygsman, roep jou om in lyn te kom met Sy begeertes oor jou (Ps.45) – om te luister en seker te maak dat jy reg hoor, om Hom te aanbid en Hom eerste te stel bo alles. Sy beloftes oor jou as Sy priester en Sy koning, sluit in om as ‘n geseënde gebegunstige te lewe, en die versterking van jou outoriteit om te heers. Hy staan gereed om die vyand te oorrompel, vir die vervulling van Sy beloftes oor jou.

Ps.45 Ps.110:1 1 Pet.2:5-9 Ex.14 Deut.3:21 Deut.20 Ps.40:6

How to Pray over Your Property/Hoe Om Oor Jou Eiendom Te Bid

Dedicating your home, workplace and property to the Lord, whether you own it, or hire it. This includes praying against the negative effect of evil on the property, like curses and the effects of past sin, and praying for the release of God’s original plan for the property, also opening the heavens above your property to establish a highway to heaven above your property, like it happened at Beth-El when Jacob had his overnight there.

Gen.12 Heb.1:10 Eph.2:2 Matt.5:35 Is.1:2 Rom.12:1 Heb.13:15 Gen.1:28 Eph.1:13