Mirror Images & The Palindrome / Spieƫlbeelde & Die Palindroom

With the recent date of 22/02/2022 as a palindrome, it is time to share on the examples of mirror images in the Bible, like the covenant that God made with Abram, and its unfolding in the New Covenant. Another mirror image is about what Jesus inherited, mirrored as our inheritance, and the Word of God being like a mirror, so that as we look into it, we’d be changed from glory to greater glory.

Gen.15:10 2 Cor.5:21 1Sam.18 Rom.8:17 Ps.16 Jam.1:23-25 Rom.6 2 Cor.3:18 Heb.12:18 John 17

Father God’s Identity & The Dung Beetle / Vader God se Identiteit & Die Miskruier

Each one of us is unique and carries God’s identity, because we’ve been created according to God’s image. This is compared to the unique characteristics of the dung beetle, a valuable small insect, which faces extinction in certain parts of the world.

Ps.10:14 Gen.3 1Jhn.1:3 Jhn.10:32 Ps.139 Ps.37:23 Eph.4:4-16 Gal.1:15-16 Ps.23:3

Don’t Let the Water Quench Your Fire / Moenie Dat Die Water Jou Vuur Blus Nie

God wants us to experience His word like a fire burning in us, and to experience His love, as a most vehement flame. This is in contrast to our spiritual enemy and his army, who is often compared in the Bible with flood and waters.

Marelize shares about God’s banner that He raises over those who are in awe of Him, so that they may be delivered, and the banner that the Spirit of the Lord raises against the enemy, when he comes in like a flood, so that God’s fire will not be quenched.

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