Hold On / Byt Vas

In a time of many upheavals, Marelize is encouraging us to hold on to God, or as it is describes in Afrikaans ‘om vas te byt’, even when the fulfilment of His long-ago-promises looks impossible, like the fulfillment of His promise of a great harvest amongst the nations, or the promise of a change in your marriage or in your child’s life.

For the fulfilment of the promise of a great harvest of people coming to God, Jesus commands us to pray that God will send out, or thrust out labourers or harvesters into His harvest field. If we neglect in doing that we can not expect a harvest of people coming into His kingdom.

Marelize gives guidelines from Heb.10:23 in how we need to hold onto the hope that we have in Him, when we are in a challenging time frame.

Matt.9:37 Ps.91:13 Jos.23:8-10 Prov.3:5-12 Hab.3:17-19 Heb.10:23

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