The Zeal of the Lord after the 8th of May / Die Ywer Van Die Here Na Die Dag Van 8 Mei

Many Christians in South Africa had united in prayer on the 8th May, when it was a day set aside for a renewed connection with ancestors who’d passed away, to stand in the gap and ask God’s forgiveness and to fill the atmosphere with praises to God.

Yet, Christians can’t relax now after this day, because things were stirred up in the spirit realm. We thus need the zeal, or the fire and passion of the Lord in us, to keep on establishing His presence and His plans over South Africa.

Marelize shares about the zeal of the Lord, which is usually mentioned in the Bible when God is revealed as the Lord of the Hosts, a description of Him when He is in warfare, and how it relates to the Christian’s armor, as a cloak, to ensure that we would be the winning warriors for Him where He has placed us.

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