The Mercy of God over the Nation – about the Myrtle, the Angel & The Red Horse

When a nation is in a time in which it seems like corruption and criminal activities are on the increase, it is time in which God is calling His children as the Royal Priesthood, to stand in the gap, and to pray for God’s mercy.

Marelize uses the vision of Zechariah, of the Angel of the Lord on a red horse in front of a myrtle bush, to illustrate how intercession at the right time, happened for Israel, with Daniel doing it at about the same time, so that God’s promise given through Jeremiah could be fulfilled. Different aspects of the vision, like the myrtle bush in the deep place and the red horse, gives meaning to the vision, as the Angel of the Lord stood in the gap for God’s people. This is compared with Esther, whose Hebrew name in English, is Myrtle, who also stood in the gap for her people at the right time.

It is time, to stand in the gap for South Africa, but also for the United States of America in this regard.

Zec 1 Ps 88:6 Jer 29:10-13 Dan 9:2

Esther Anointing Oil

Harvest Time Anointing Oil