Anointed for His Purpose

This radio talk is about the Christian’s anointing connected to his calling and purpose.

God called and set apart Jeremiah in his mother’s womb (Jer 1). The same was recorded by the Apostle Paul. Though this happened before birth, the anointing on Paul’s calling only started when he was stopped on the road to Damascus, when Jesus Christ was revealed to him (Gal 1:15-16). True to the meaning of his name in Hebrew, which means ‘little’, he belittled others before his Jesus-encounter. The derivative of that Hebrew word, means to be stopped, describes the nature of his encounter. This leads us, to one way in which we can know God’s calling and purpose on our lives – by looking at the meaning of our names.

Your name may have a meaning that is in line with God’s calling on your life. But if your name has a negative meaning, something that is contrary to God’s calling, or not in line with what Ps 139 says about you, then you need to renounce that meaning (2 Cor 4:2 &10:3-5). Jabez is a good example of that (1 Chron 4:9-10). Marelize shares on how to do it, how to deal with strongholds connected to the meaning of your name, and how to declare God’s meaning and identity connected to your name. She also deals with examples of being anointed for a purpose, from the life of David (1 Sam 15,16), Jehu (2 Kings 9), and Jehoshabeath (2 Chron 22). Other scriptures – Is 49:1 Song 8:6

This is a follow-up of the radio talk – Anointed, Consecrated & Empowered by Him.