The ‘dunamis’ Power in Jesus’ Name

Marelize shares about her experience of being infected with the Covid 19 virus, how the Lord prepared her for this journey, and about Jesus’ nature and power to save, to heal and to deliver from pestilence.

She shares from the book of Luke the different ways in which Jesus healed the sick, and in particular what happened when the woman with the flow of blood touched the hem of His garment. This woman was someone who had an understanding of His power, or as it is called in Greek, His ‘dunamis’, and she therefore had an expectation that she would be healed.

To understand the depth of His power, we need to understand the meaning of Jesus’ name, that He would save, or as it is called in Greek, that He would ‘sozo’, which also means heal, or deliver, His people from their sin and from the effects of sin.

May all who need His healing, experience His power and nature, to heal, and to deliver, especially in this time of the Covid Pandemic.

Luke 8:43 Lev.15:19 Mark 5 Matt.1 Luke 4:14-18 Luke 6:47-49 John 16:23 Phil.2:9-11 Heb.4:14-16

Use the Mercy of God Anointing Oil when praying for healing.