Praying Over the Waters in Your Area

What is happening in and around the waters in your area has a spiritual effect on the water, which can have a spiritual effect on creation surrounding the waters. Marelize uses the example of the quarreling that took place where Isaac’s servants dug wells, where years later, in the same area the Israelites contended with Moses about their lack of water. The place was even named after the strife that happened there.

God created water for various purposes, amongst others, water is created – to bring life, to bring praise to God, to quench thirst, for cleansing and for healing. Our spiritual enemy will do all in his power to cause water to bring the opposite – to cause death, to cause destruction, to cause sicknesses or to leave filth because of contamination.

The Christian has dominion to speak to God’s creation, that it will come in line with God’s purposes – Marelize gives guidelines in how to pray and do prophetic actions at the water sources in your area.

Eze.29, 31&47 Rev.17&17 Ps.8, 29&148 Isa.55 Exo.15&17 Gen.10&26

Use Word Scrolls as part of your prophetic action, when you go to pray over the waters in your area.

How to Prayer Walk in your area.