My Conebush and the Grace of God / My Tolbos En Die Genade Van Die Here

A conebush, also called the tolbos in South Africa, can roll for long distances over areas of flat terrain, when it is driven by the wind.

Marelize compares the action of the conebush with the Hebrew word ‘galal’, which means to roll over, or to roll upon. The one context in which it is used in the Bible, is when it describes the rolling of your ways or your works upon the Lord, so that He can carry it, and that your plans can work out according to His ways. Another context in which it is used, is when the Bible describes how God rolls away the reproach, the shame and the disrespect from His people. King David also prayed that God will roll away the reproach and contempt of others around him.

The conebush is driven by the wind. In a similar way the Wind of God, the Holy Spirit drives the action of rolling away the reproach of others, or the rolling of our ways upon the Lord. David is a good example of being treated with contempt, getting angry as a result, but then withholding from acting out his anger when Abigail intervened. David’s submission activated God’s intervention, so that God killed the one who treated him with contempt.

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