Be an Esther Where Fear Is Lingering/Wees ‘n Ester Waar Vrees in Die Lug Rondhang

As the number of people dying of Covid is rising around us, the level of fear in the atmosphere is rising.

The Jews were also in great fear when they heard about the decree against them, that they would all be killed in one day. But because of Esther’s intercession, they were all saved. We as humans, also has a death decree against us, by the one who steels, kills and destroys. As Christians, we can find guidance through the way that Ester interceded for her people, in how we should stand in the gap, praying for a change in our atmosphere of fear.

Marelize shares on how to prayer walk your neighborhood and at places where great fear is lingering, as one of the ways in which we can change the atmosphere of fear.

Est.8-9 Ps.37 Rom.2:4 Ps.68:1-6

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