When Jesus Turns up as Commander of the Army

As Christians we must learn how to fight the spiritual war, just like soldiers must learn how to fight in the physical war. Part of this, is to learn how and when God reveals Himself as the One who fights for us.

Marelize looks at times in the Bible when God revealed Himself as the Commander of the Heavenly Army, or as the Lord of hosts, or as Lord of Sabaoth. It was usually during big battles, like with Joshua at Jericho, or with the bursting forth of a new season, like with the young prophet Samuel, or when an evil leader’s reign had to end, like with king Ahab.

Prayer strategy is shared on how to work with the One who is fighting for us, to conquer when the battle is on, or to bring to an end the influence, injustice and corruption of an evil leader or ex-leader.

Jos.5&6 Gen.32 Hos.12:3-5 1 Kings 21-22 2 Thess.1:7-10 Jam.5:1-6 Ps.24