Release of The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil

God wants to use His sons’ and His daughters’ voices as trumpets to declare, to break open and to communicate His will, just like the silver trumpets and shofars were used for different purposes in the Bible. For the release of The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil, Marelize shares on how the Lily of the Valley and Aloe contributes in its prophetic meaning, as ingredients of this new anointing oil. The release is accompanied by a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s anointing of lips and voices. Num.10 Ex.19 Is.49:2 Ecc.12:11 Hos.14:5 Prov.7:17 Heb.4:12 Jer.23:28-29 Ecc.5:2 Col.4:5-6 Eph.4:29