Prophetic Word for Uganda

By Marelize Nolan

Oct. 2012 – Uganda is for Me like gold, very precious – like the precious ointment that was poured out to anoint My feet. Through Uganda I will be crowned as King of Africa for it is you Uganda, who carries the crown. I AM THE ONE who will provide for you the means to produce, to bring forth the crown, though now you say you are poor. It is in repentance and in turning to Me that this will happen.

Look! A Judas will arise from among you! But heed not to him, for as long as attention and glory is given to him, My purpose cannot by fulfilled.

So give ear to My warnings and listen to the signs of the times.  As a hen gathers her chicks, so you need to gather the chicks under your wings – protect the fatherless and give ear to the cries of the children and weary ones. Through them I will bring My purpose into fulfilment.  Hear o heavens, and give ear o earth, for I the Lord has spoken (Is.1:2).

31 Oct. 2014 – The Lord wants to use the children of Uganda to bring change. They have come through extreme hardships. They need to attach themselves to Me and to My love for them, because to many, I AM the only father that they’ll ever know. When this happens, their love will be much deeper, much more intense, much more genuine than the love that other children develops towards Me, says the Lord. Therefore you need to pray for a revelation of Myself and My love. Pray also that My love will be revealed through them towards others, that I in them will become a shining light and a healing balm ministering in the lives of those around them.