Prophetic Word for South Africa

By Marelize Nolan (5/06/12, updated in 2024)

My heart is on fire for you, My beloved South Africa. Many of you, have moved abroad, to seek a better life. But I tell you – seek My truth and My righteousness, so that I can become your Prince of Peace, and your Wonderworking God. For I want to bring together the people of South Africa, so that you and your children may dwell in peace and security, and may feel safe, when you go out in the street.

Be careful to not moan and groan. Rather be hopeful and trusting, because I want your land to be a blessing, instead of a curse among the nations. I want your offspring to be called blessed, in the land of their fathers.

Out of your nation’s belly will flow living waters, which will overflow every culture group in the land. It’ll bring unity, and will cause living waterfalls in neighboring countries. Turn from you wicked ways and stop walking after other gods. Care for the stranger and stop shedding innocent blood. Then I will bless you, and give you Godly influence into other nations.

My children, your land is in a time frame, in which it is late in the night already, and spiritual darkness is around you. But know this, that amidst this darkness, I am exposing wicked and destructive forces. I’m also putting My spotlight on sin in My Body, so that My Body will repent, and turn back to Me.

So, while it is late in the night already, you need to declare My workings, and let a song of joy be heard in My ears, for I am your merciful and your faithful Father, who longs to see your land fulfilling its destiny before My throne.