Prophetic Word for 2023

A Word from the Lord for 2023, received on 18 December 2022:

My dear Warrior… yes, this is the name by which I’m calling you in this season – Stand up, stretch out those legs, and start to walk; stretch out your hands and start to do; stretch out your jawbone, and start to speak, for I have given you all that you need for every hour.

Time is of essence. So, for every day, you need to mark where you are, and at the end of the day measure how you have advanced. Do and act in faith, and don’t wait. Wait only when I say wait. I AM with you – Immanuel is My Name (Matt. 1:23). So, do not doubt, for I AM your Great Reward. Iron out and sort out the obstacles, so that you can move faster and be more efficient. 

A warrior acts and fights when there is war – this war is about people who are walking in darkness. I promise you, that as you move, people will start to see the Light, for as you move, your warrior movements will cause a noise of confusion in the spirit realm, so that those who have lived in the land of death, will experience the Light, and will be set free (Isa.9:2-5).

My child, trust Me in this, as I AM the one who will enable your warrior spirit, who will clothe and arm you, with what you need for this time.  

May you experience Him this year, going before you, making the crooked places straight, breaking in pieces the gates of bronze, and cutting the bars of iron, so that you will receive what He has in stall for you in 2023!

Blessings, Marelize Nolan