The Iron Anointing

A time is coming My child in which you will need My strongest anointing for the level of warfare that you will encounter. You need to seek My face, for the weapons and ways that you have used in the past, which have worked before, will not be sufficient for the season that is upon you. I need your full attention, your full focus, for I am preparing you for the end of times.

Because of My love for you, I want you to be prepared and not be caught off guard because the attacks will not only be fierce but will also be subtle. If you walk close to Me and listen to My voice and not act according to what you think is right or according to what you have been taught, then you will be strong to overcome. Then you will also be able to lead others through this time to come.

You will need this anointing to break in pieces the fetters of iron which still holds My people captivated, and you need to open the heavy iron doors that have kept nations in bondage for centuries. For this is the longing of My heart – that nations will be set free to stand before My throne and to sing the song of freedom in honour of My Name.
By Marelize Nolan (28 March 2017)

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