Regarding the Children

My child, hear My call today as I share My heart with you.
Through the cries and laughs of babies, perfect praises are brought before My throne. It carries the authority to stop the Enemy in its tracks (Ps.8:2; Mat.21:16).

You might think that it is through the beautiful praises brought forth in song by the human mind, but My child, it is rather through the wordless sounds from the baby’s mouth that praise towards Me is perfected and given authority to prevent the Enemy from carrying out his plans.

Praise is perfected through childlike faith from a heart pure like that of the child – that is why I want you to become like a child.

When the Enemy has free reign in a community it is primarily the sounds of children and babies who are being silenced. He uses humans who don’t know My love, nor know the price that I paid, to silence the babies’ voices.

Therefore you need to move quickly to save the baby, the unborn and the toddler from being silenced by the Enemy, for he knows that the earlier he kills them, the earlier My plans for each one are destroyed.

So, My child, ask Me what you must do for My little ones, so that you can become My instrument in demolishing the Enemy’s vicious plans, for each one is wonderfully made and woven together for the fulfilment of My plans for them.
22 August 2014 – Marelize Nolan

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