Foot Soldier Prayer Kit



Use the Prayer Kit to impact an area for God. It is ideal for someone on an outreach, or for the athlete who wants to make an impact while running or walking the area.

When God said to Joshua (Jos.1:3) that He would give him every place where the soles of his feet would tread, he had to walk the land to take hold of it. We can also claim a land for God because He made us the stewards of the land, and as stewards we have influence on the land (Gen.1:28 & 2:15).


1. Word Scrolls for South Africa – prophetic Scripture portions for South Africa. Pray these Scriptures, to declare His will (1Jn5:14,15) and toss the scroll in the soil, in the crack of a wall, or in the river which serves the community in the area. This is a prophetic action of God’s Word speaking in that area similarly to when God spoke to a nation by addressing surrounding nature (Is.1:2).

2.  Harvest Time Anointing Oil, to anoint an area as a declaration of God’s will in that area (Gen.28:16-18). The container have 10 small bottles with which you can anoint an area quickly and unnoticeably.

3. Prayer Cards – prayers to pray while moving through an area. These prayers are based on the Scripture contents of the Word Scrolls.

4. The Wristband, to carry your scroll, bottle and prayer card, all tucked away in the zipped pocket.