Almond Menorah Candles (7x)



These candles can be used in a menorah or seven armed lampstand. It serves as a reminder of the lampstand in the tabernacle (Ex. 25:31-39), which had to be carved in the shape of budding almond branches. It then served as a light, but also was a symbol of God’s light and life given to His people. God originally gave Adam and Eve the tree of life, but after they’d sinned they had no access to it anymore (Gen.1:24). Jesus then became the life and light giver (John 8:12).
The significance of the budding almond comes from the almond being the first tree to bud in Israel, an indication that the season has changed. In Hebrew the word for almond comes from the same root as the word meaning to hasten, to be ready or to be awake (Jer.1). When the stick in Aaron’s hand miraculously turned into a live branch, budding, blooming and producing almonds at the same time, God’s message to them was not only that Aaron was His choice, but also that He was able to miraculously hasten His word to fulfill it (Num.17:8).
Light the candle as a prophetic act so that those who smell the fragrance will experience God, who brings Jesus as Light into darkness, but also who is quick to fulfill His promises, and that His new season is at hand.
See the Almond Anointing Oil for the full explanation.
Height (per candle): 15cm
Diameter (per candle): 2cm