Agarwood & Lily Combo



This combo consists of the Agarwood & Lily Prophetic Candle with The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil in the 10ml bottle. The candle, scented with essential oils carries the same prophetic meaning as The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil.

Agarwood is called aloe in the Bible. It represents intimacy in Prov.7:17, where the marriage bed is described. The unique characteristic of the agarwood oil is that it only is produced by the tree as a counter reaction when the tree is attacked by a fungus. This can be compared to the spiritual qualities that forms in us, when we go through testing times, and in the process moves to greater intimacy with Jesus our Bridegroom.

The Lily flower has the same shape as the bell of a trumpet and is therefore called by the same word in Hebrew. Therefore it represents your mouth and your voice, being used by God as a trumpet, to declare His word and His sound at His time.

The prophetic declaration through the candle and the anointing oil is thus, that as you live in intimacy with Him, a unique sounding trumpet is being formed (Rev.1:10 Isa.40:9-11), and as you open your mouth under the Holy Spirit’s guidance and unction, your voice becomes the trumpet to declare His word on the earth.

For more info, see The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil 

Candle – 10cm x 4,5cm