Desiring God, like When You See and Smell Grandma’s Pudding and You Can’t Think of Anything Else!

The Welsh Revival was preceded by a hunger for God and a desire to be bend by the Spirit of God. South Africa has recently gone through a tough time because of major protests and looting. In this time a video was shared on social media of workers at a shopping mall in South Africa, going down on their knees and lifting up their hands while the song ‘I surrender all to Jesus’ was playing. Marelize asks the question whether this is perhaps the start of God’s promised revival for South Africa and for Africa.

Job 28 Is.11:2-4 Num.11:25 Col.1 Eph.3:16-19 Ps.73:25-26 Jer.29:13 Ps.42:1-2

Featuring the Harvest Time Anointing Oil and the Harvest Time Vision.

I Know My Redeemer Lives/Ek Weet My Verlosser Leef

Job, while facing death on all sides, and sitting on an ash heap scratching his sores, spoke about his Redeemer, using a Hebrew word that was foreign to him at that time, which means the one who takes back that which was lost, and makes free that which was bound. It was a prophetic declaration that Job needed at that time, which is also needed right now.

This radio talk includes a prophetic word in Afrikaans, and it features the Calamus Anointing Oil.

Job 19:25-27 Zec.14 Luke 4:18 Jam.5:11 Zec.3 1 Pet.1:14 Heb.10:10

Do Not Fear / Moenie Vrees Nie

This is the Lord ‘s message in the context of what is happening in South Africa at the moment, with our beloved country going through devastation. it is the same message that God gave to Israel when she was going through a tough time.

May this message from Zeph.3 encourages you and guides you on how to pray for South Africa, for its leaders and influencers, and for its people at this time.

Zeph.3 Isa. 35:3 Zech.13:9

When There’s yet Another Pamphlet at the Gate, It’s Time for the Spirit of Esther to Arise

During this time of the Pandemic, more and more people are loosing their jobs, and are trying to find alternative incomes. Therefore we are getting more pamphlets advertising small businesses at our gates, a sign of more households under stress to keep head above water. Then there are those who do have enough in the bank, but even with the best medical facilities available, it’s not enough to keep someone with a severe level of illness alive.

Due to so much uncertainty, people are open for God to speak into their lives, because it’s a matter of life and death, of literally not knowing what tomorrow may hold. It is in this time that God wants to use His loved ones as Esthers to stand in the gap, to see things in our everyday environment as opportunities, to carry and to pray for one another.

Heb.7:25 John 17:15 1 John 2:1 Heb.4:15-16 John 17

Featuring the Esther Anointing Oil

He Rejoices over You with Singing

The angels sang when God created the world. Moses experienced God as his strength and song when He delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians. The Psalmist experience God’s song with him in the night when he was in trouble.

God was also described by Zephaniah as a Singing Warrior, when God promised Israel in their distress, that He would be their Warrior, to fight for them, and that He would sing a song of joy over them.

May those who are going through testing times, experience Him as their Warrior to fight for them. May they hear Him, when He sings His song of joy over them, as He blesses them with peace.

Zeph.3 Ps.116:15 Ps.139 Job 38:6-7 Rev.5 Rev.15 Ps.42 Is.12:2 Ps.77 Ps.118:5