Be an Esther Where Fear Is Lingering/Wees ‘n Ester Waar Vrees in Die Lug Rondhang

As the number of people dying of Covid is rising around us, the level of fear in the atmosphere is rising.

The Jews were also in great fear when they heard about the decree against them, that they would all be killed in one day. But because of Esther’s intercession, they were all saved. We as humans, also has a death decree against us, by the one who steels, kills and destroys. As Christians, we can find guidance through the way that Ester interceded for her people, in how we should stand in the gap, praying for a change in our atmosphere of fear.

Marelize shares on how to prayer walk your neighborhood and at places where great fear is lingering, as one of the ways in which we can change the atmosphere of fear.

Est.8-9 Ps.37 Rom.2:4 Ps.68:1-6

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Declare Life When Death Wants to Sit on Your Stoep/Spreek Lewe Wanneer Dood Op Jou Stoep Wil Kom Sit

At the moment with the Covid 19 Pandemic still in our midst, many of us are experiencing death on various levels of life. Marelize uses Jacob as an example, and how God ministered to him, when his mother’s nurse, the only living link with his already diseased mother, passed away. It is about reminding yourself and reminding God of His promises over your life, and about speaking words of life from the Bible into various circumstances, also when someone close to you passes away.

Gen.35 Is.62:6-7 Gen.32 2 Cor.1:20 John 10:10 Prov.21:21 Ps.121:7 Lam.3:22-23 Is.41:10 Ps.116:15

The Joneses from Next Door/Die Jansens van Langsaan

Just as the Israelites were influenced by the nations around them, we as Christians, are often influenced by those around us, who aren’t Christians. We are called to be the salt of the earth. Salt is efficient in circumstance where there is no salt, an example of how we as Christians should make a difference where God has placed us amongst non-Christians.

Gideon was influenced by what he saw, and by the fear of those around him – the Israelites’ crops were being destroyed and their cattle were being stolen. But after the Spirit of the Lord came on Gideon, he lost all fear, and reacted with boldness. This is what we as Christians need, to become the influencers, instead of being influenced by the Joneses next door.

Neh.9 Deut.20:18 Judg.6 2 Cor.6:17-18 Rom.12:2 Ps.91 Joh.14:26-27 2 Tim.1:7

Guarding the Gates of Your Life

After Nehemiah had the walls and the gates restored in Jerusalem, the place that God chose for His temple and His presence, Nehemiah’s order was that the gates would be guarded carefully, because of the enemy that was lurking on the outside. In the New Testament time in which we are, God calls our bodies the temple of God, the place where He wants to dwell.

Like the city, we also have gates in our lives , that need to be guarded. Marelize shares on the physical gates of our bodies, as the spiritual gates into our lives – of how it can be defiled, but also how it can be cleansed and healed, and be guarded, so that we can fulfill the plans that God has for us on the earth.

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