When You’re like a Tree Shaking in the Wind/Wanneer Jou Boompie Rondskud Soos ‘n FladdervoĆ«l in ‘n Stormwind

This is about receiving unexpected news, or being slandered by someone just after you have worked hard to do things in the right way, because of your devotion and love for the Lord.

King Ahaz was shaking like a tree in the wind when he received news about a planned war against him. But it was his son Hezekiah who followed him up as king, who gives us an excellent example of how to react, and his strategy of prayer that he used, that we can follow, when unexpected bad news, or unexpected words of slander is received.

2 Chron.31&32 Is.7 Ps.119:49-50 Is.62:6-7 Is.37 Eph.3:16-19

Walking in His Authority Amidst a Pandemic

King Hezekiah got the authority to destroy the foreign altars that his father erected, and restored the temple, when he became king. We as Christians, also has a similar authority spiritually, because we are seated with Christ in heavenly places and by grace received authority to reign in life with Jesus Christ, as a royal priesthood.

Marelize explains the living out of this authority through the life of Jeremiah, the kingly authority that he had over kingdoms, and the strategy with which he prayed in the midst of a challenging time. She also explains the Kingly Authority Anointing Oil, and the meaning of it through the ingredients in the oil – the Balm of Gilead, the Spikenard and the Juniper Essential Oils.

2 Chron.29 Rom.5:17 Ps.2:8 Jer.1:4-10 Is.9:2-5 Gen.49 Is.62:4-5 Hos.14:8 Jer.20 & 23

The Biblical Use of Anointing Oil/Die Bybelse Gebruik Van Salwingsolie

As Christians we should endeavor to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will, so that we may live a life worthy of Him and be pleasing to Him in every way. This includes the way in which we use anointing oil.

Marelize gives her testimony about her discovery of the place of fragrances in the Bible – like Noah’s sacrifice which was a sweet savour to God, the fragrant oils in the Holy Anointing Oil, the connection between the Bridegroom’s love and the fragrant plants in Song of Solomon, the aromatic substances mentioned with the Oil of Joy, and our prayers that are like incense before God’s throne. This led to her study of anointing oil in the Bible, the purposes for which it was used, the ingredients, the significance of olive oil used in anointing oil, the role of the Holy Spirit, and the right that New Testament Christians have as God’s royal priesthood to use anointing oil.

Col.1:9-10 2 Cor.2:15 Ex.28 & 30 Rev.5:8 & 8:3-4 Is.43:24 Lev.8:30 Lev.14:14-18 Zec.4 Luke 4 Acts 10:38 Is.10:27 Ps.45

Just When You Think There’s Nothing Left, His Oil Pours Out

When you think that you have nothing more to give, especially in this time of lockdown, His oil comes forth pouring out, so that you and others around you can be blessed.

The Lord often asks of us to live in the opposite spirit than what is going on around us, like when surrounded with fear, to live in faith while praising God, like king David did. God may also ask you, when things are tight financially, to live and to share in abundance, like the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet, who could have used ordinary olive oil, but instead anointed Him with the most costly nard oil. Another example is the widow who just had a jar of oil left, who followed the prophet’s word, and got as many jars as she could, and filled it. Her obedience gave God opportunity to have His oil pouring out in her jars, so that she not only got enough income from it to pay her debtors, but also could have enough, so her and her sons could make a living from it.

Something else that the Lord may ask of you, is to bring restoration to the land though prayer, or to pray for the area where you work. Marelize describes the process of bringing restoration to the land through repentance and anointing. She also shares how it happened, that IT IS TIME is having a special this month on the large bottles of anointing oil, calling the special ‘Oils Pouring Out’.

Psalm 3 2 Cor.12:9-10 2 Kings 4 Gen.28:18