When the Waves Are Raging/As Die Golwe Raas

Many of us are currently experiencing challenges and are being tested on levels that we haven’t had before. Marelize looks at Bible scriptures where the feeling of being surrounded by rolling waves, stormy waters, or deep waters and miry clay, are described – times in which God is surrounding us with His mercy, and with songs of salvation.

Ps.42:6-7 Ps.69:1-4,13-17,30 1Thess.5:18 Ps.32 Ps.93:3-4 Jam.1:1-6

When Jesus Turns up as Commander of the Army

As Christians we must learn how to fight the spiritual war, just like soldiers must learn how to fight in the physical war. Part of this, is to learn how and when God reveals Himself as the One who fights for us.

Marelize looks at times in the Bible when God revealed Himself as the Commander of the Heavenly Army, or as the Lord of hosts, or as Lord of Sabaoth. It was usually during big battles, like with Joshua at Jericho, or with the bursting forth of a new season, like with the young prophet Samuel, or when an evil leader’s reign had to end, like with king Ahab.

Prayer strategy is shared on how to work with the One who is fighting for us, to conquer when the battle is on, or to bring to an end the influence, injustice and corruption of an evil leader or ex-leader.

Jos.5&6 Gen.32 Hos.12:3-5 1 Kings 21-22 2 Thess.1:7-10 Jam.5:1-6 Ps.24

Life Versus Death

Marelize shares her story about when she had Covid 19, about the rotten smell that she had, and how the Lord used that to make her aware of His fragrance of life, and the awareness of life, versus smell of death, and the awareness of death in our present world. The experience and isolation of someone who tested positive for the virus, is compared to those who had leprosy in Bible times who also had to isolate. But the time frame in which we are, is not only about physical death, but death also on many other areas of life. The focus in this presentation is on death to hopes and aspirations, death to finances, death to certain relationships, as well as some guidelines on how to pray in this time.

Luke 17:12 Jer.20 Gen.9 Ps.127:3 Eph.4:3 Ps.133 Ps.35 Ps.6:45 John 10:10 Ps.23

When the Fig Tree Starts to Bud

When Jesus told His disciples about the troubled times awaiting the world before He returns to earth, He said to them that when the branch of the fig tree is tender and the leaves are appearing, that summer is upon them, and that the time of His coming is near.

Marelize explains the seasons of the fig tree, of when the branches are tender and the leaves are budding, which brings a greater understanding, of what Jesus meant.

The fig tree produces different types of figs during its different seasons. That sets it apart from other fruit trees. Then the passage in Song of Solomon, about the bridegroom calling his bride to arise, when the winter is gone and the green figs appears, becomes clear, as a call by Jesus as Bridegroom, for His Bride, to get ready.

Jesus also calls His disciples to prepare for His return. One of the ways in which we need to prepare, is to bear fruit, especially in this time of the Covid 19 Pandemic. An example of this, is the barren fig tree that Jesus encountered, in a time when He needed it, to bear fruit.

Mark 13:28 Song 2:10 Mark 11:13 Matt.7:16 John 15