The Mercy of God over the Nation – about the Myrtle, the Angel & The Red Horse

When a nation is in a time in which it seems like corruption and criminal activities are on the increase, it is time in which God is calling His children as the Royal Priesthood, to stand in the gap, and to pray for God’s mercy.

Marelize uses the vision of Zechariah, of the Angel of the Lord on a red horse in front of a myrtle bush, to illustrate how intercession at the right time, happened for Israel, with Daniel doing it at about the same time, so that God’s promise given through Jeremiah could be fulfilled. Different aspects of the vision, like the myrtle bush in the deep place and the red horse, gives meaning to the vision, as the Angel of the Lord stood in the gap for God’s people. This is compared with Esther, whose Hebrew name in English, is Myrtle, who also stood in the gap for her people at the right time.

It is time, to stand in the gap for South Africa, but also for the United States of America in this regard.

Zec 1 Ps 88:6 Jer 29:10-13 Dan 9:2

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Do Not Fight in This Battle, Rather Position Yourselves, Stand and See His Salvation

There are times in which God wants us to fight back when the enemy is attacking us, by using our spiritual weapons of warfare. Then there are other times in which He doesn’t want us to fight, but to position ourselves, to stand and to see what He is doing to rescue us from the attack.

This is what happened with king Jehoshaphat and his people. When they heard of the enemy approaching, they were scared, and in reaction they sought the Lord. Jehoshaphat then prayed a prayer, by declaring who God is, and by declaring what He had done for them in the past. Then he approached God as judge, to state their case, and reminded God of His promises. In bowing down before God, Jehoshaphat and his people worshipped and praised God. Then in the midst of their worship and praise, God intervened, and caused the enemy to turn on themselves, so that every one was destroyed, the Israelites were blessed, and God was honored for what He did.

Positioning yourself, and standing, while facing the enemy thus entails praise and worship God amidst the attack, but also declaring what He will do to the enemy. Marelize uses Psalm 3, with its declarations of God being our shield and the lifter of our head, to God striking the enemy on the cheekbone and braking its teeth, to illustrate how God will turn things around for us. 2 Chron 20:17 2 Chron 17:10 1 Sam 17

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Time to Pray for S.A. And U.S.A.

The nations of South Africa and America have similar callings. America is a world influencer while South Africa is an influencer on the continent of Africa. Praying scripture, given by the Holy Spirit. for this specific time, over these countries, is what this session is about. Marelize also shares about the Iron Anointing, using Jeremiah’s anointing as iron pillar and Micah’s anointing with the iron horn, to pray over God’s chosen leaders for this time in both of these countries. 2 Sam.18 Ps.2

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Standing on the Shoulders of Those Who’ve Gone Before Us & Why We Need to Pray for America

Marelize uses the example of king Solomon, who accomplished great things because he stood on his father, David’s shoulders. The Lord has a plan for each family, giving them unique characteristics and abilities, to become part of God’s plan on earth. He often uses the father to speak words over his children regarding their future. These words are like seeds, which leads the child into the direction that God wants for that child.

Because our Enemy, the Devil knows that, he will do all to influence the father away from God’s plan, by either causing the father to become absent, or to react in ways which can cause hurt or disappointment in the child, which usually causes the child to react in a manner, which can cause him or her to move away from God’s plan. God may then use a spiritual father to fulfill that role, or He may use the grandfather, like He used the prophet Samuel as grandfather of Heman. Heman was appointed as musical leader in king David’s worship team, and also became king David’s personal prophet, and his sons David appointed to prophecy as musicians, in his worship team. Yet, Heman’s father was evil, and was not a good example to him. So Heman stood on the shoulders of his grandfather, to carry on with the fulfillment of God’s plan for that family.

America’s foundational fathers were Christians, whose dream it was to build a nation that will worship God. It is a leader and influencer nation, in whose DNA it is to influence the nations of the world. So whatever is happening in the USA, it will have an influence on the rest of the word, whether it is Godly, or Ungodly.

With the election, that happened a few days ago, votes are still being counted. IT IS TIME for Christians around the world, to pray that whatever the outcome, that the new Precedential leader, will stand on the shoulders of the foundational fathers, to carry forth the Christian principles that it was founded on, to become again the Godly influencer, to influence other nations of the world to become Godly. This will be the fulfillment of a dream in God’s heart, that all nations will stand before His throne to worship Him, when the books will be opened, according to Revelations.

Prov. 22:6 2 Chron. 5-7 1 Chron. 16 1 Chron. 25:5 2 Chron. 29