Yearning for His Presence

Marelize uses king Solomon’s initiation of friendship with God when he made the 1000 burnt offerings, and his encounter with God afterwards, as the foundation to share on the Christian’s yearning for God’s presence. This includes the critical times mentioned in the Bible, in which the we need to draw close to God to experience His presence, for us to be overcomers, especially in this time of the Covid 19 Pandemic. 2 Chron.1&2 Ps.43:8 Ps.21 Ps.42:5 Ps.63:1-3 Ps.27:3-6 Is.26:4-9 Amos 8:11-12 John 4:14

Surrendering Ownership to the Lord

God owns everything in the heaven and the earth. This includes what we own, and our income or salary. We are thus stewards over what He gives. A steward has the highest form of authority under a master, and has full responsibility of what belongs to the master. If we acknowledge God as owner of everything, and are faithful stewards, He will reward us. Marelize uses King David as example and the missionary who had his experience of surrendering his pineapple land to the Lord. She also shares about drawing up you own Quit Claim Deed to surrender all ownership to the Lord. 1 Chron. 29:11-13 Is. 40:22-24 Prov. 21:1 Acts 17:26 Matt. 25:20-21

Why on the Mountain, When You Can Pray in the Valley

Marelize shares about the spiritual significance of heights, as portrayed in the Bible – a place of God’s presence, of His dominion and His authority. She also gives testimony of her own mountain experiences. Exo.19, 27 Gen.22 Eze.17, 40-43 Jer.17:2 Ps.24