Only Move When You Hear the Sound in the Balsam Trees

This is a follow-up on the previous message about the Prophetic Voice, including the use of our voices in social media, and how our voices differ according to our callings and anointing. Marelize also shares on the importance of using our voice as His trumpet according to His guidance, like King David who asked the Lord about how his men ought to fight the enemy, and the nature of the balsam trees from where the Lord had said the sound would come to give David’s men the indication of when to attack. 1 Chr.14:8 Lev.26 Matt.12

Release of The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil

God wants to use His sons’ and His daughters’ voices as trumpets to declare, to break open and to communicate His will, just like the silver trumpets and shofars were used for different purposes in the Bible. For the release of The Prophetic Voice Anointing Oil, Marelize shares on how the Lily of the Valley and Aloe contributes in its prophetic meaning, as ingredients of this new anointing oil. The release is accompanied by a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s anointing of lips and voices. Num.10 Ex.19 Is.49:2 Ecc.12:11 Hos.14:5 Prov.7:17 Heb.4:12 Jer.23:28-29 Ecc.5:2 Col.4:5-6 Eph.4:29

God Answering Prayer & The Harvest

Marelize shares her prayer experiences while she walked up Mount Kilimanjaro 7 years ago, and how God has been answering those prayers in the meantime. She also talks about the vision that she had on the mountain regarding the Great Harvest. This is about Christians drawing closer to God, moving into the Holy of Holies where God will share His heart for those who don’t know Him, of which the Great Harvest will be the outflow. The timing of this vision 7 years ago, co-insides with the beginning of the prayer initiative in South Africa called The Return. 2 Chr.2 Ps.42, 43 Hos.11

The Effects of Walking in the Anointing

This is a follow-up of the session Anointed, Consecrated & Empowered by Him. Marelize goes into more detail about the olive oil vision in Zec. 4 to describe the working of the Holy Spirit, and the need for an above-human level of functioning in the fulfillment of God’s dreams for us. The Holy Spirit’s anointing sets us apart, bringing healing, breaking the yoke, giving joy, is teaching us, and is leading us to drink from the fullness in His secret place. Ps. 36:7-9 1 John 2:27 2 Sam. 5:17 Is.10:27 2 Chron. 28:15 Eze. 16:8-9

Anointed, Consecrated & Empowered by Him

Our anointing as Christians, comes from Christ, the Anointed One. It enables us to know and discern the truth, to do even more than what Jesus did when He was on earth, and it empowers us with strength and ability on a level above the human level. Marelize also discusses the different types of anointing mentioned in the Bible, and the use of anointing oil, based on the Word of God. 1 Sam.2:10 Gen.28:18 Ex.28:41 2 Cor.1:21,22 1 John 2:20,27 John 14:12-17 Zec.4:6