Women of the Bible – Hannah, the Power of Her Words

God remembered Hannah after she asked Him for a son. She bore Samuel, whom she dedicated to God, to by used by Him in the Temple, which was the fulfilment of her promise to God. Marelize shares how Hannah, through her prophecy after Samuel’s birth, had a powerful effect on his life and on the nation, even into his old age, and how she prophetically opened the way for him to become God’s prophet and judge, in a time in which the word of God was rare. 1Sam.2 Amos3:7 Prov.18:21 Col.4:6

Women of the Bible – Huldah, Who Heard God’s Voice

Huldah the prophetess, was able to speak what God gave her, the moment she was requested. Her words caused one of the biggest renewals in Israel’s history (2 Kings 22, 23). But she had to grow in discerning His voice and grow in stature to be ready to speak God’s words the moment that she was required to, and to be trusted by the king, when she said ‘thus says the Lord’. Marelize shares about growing in discerning God’s voice, while growing in intimacy with Him.

Blessed As His Bride, in the Midst of Challenging Times

In our current time frame of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Christians need to be reminded of their identity as God’s Bride-to-be. Marelize uses the picture of the Bride as given in Ezekiel, to remind us of the blessings of God on His Bride, in preparation for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Perfect Love Casts out Fear

A revelation of Abba Father’s love, abiding in Him, and allowing His compassionate love to flow through us to others during this Pandemic, will bring boldness and joy, while casting out fear (1John1:4 1John4:18 Mark14:36 Rom8:15 Ps103:13).