The Warrior Bride

Marelize uses King Hezekiah as example, to describes the actions of a Warrior in tune with God. She also focuses on the pictures of the Warrior Bridegroom coming for His Warrior Bride, as seen in Song of Solomon, and uses the fragrant plants in King Solomon’s bride’s garden to give insight into the identity of the Bride of Christ.

Law Enforcement, Violence & The Fragrance of Strength and Purity

With heightened levels of violence in many countries, Law Enforcement has come under the spotlight. As a guide in praying for Law Enforcement Officers, Marelize shares about watchmen in the Bible as representatives of Law Enforcement, about God’s view of strength and purity, and about trees in the Bible that represent those characteristics.

His Protection at This Time & Prophetic Words

While many nations are still in the Corona Virus lockdown, Marelize gives some prophetic words about God’s protection over our bodies, our minds, our finances, and our relationships, and His thoughts regarding the many needs around us, at this time.