Our Prayers Before His Throne Are Filling the Golden Bowls of Incense

In this season of the Corona Virus spread, in which the atmosphere on earth gets filled with fear and anger, God wants us to know that our prayers are precious, because it fills the atmosphere before His throne with a sweet fragrance. Marelize shares how the Altar of Incense and its ingredients shows us more about Jesus our Mediator and Advocate, and about our prayer life, specifically for these challenging times.

The Spiritual Influence of the Waters Around You

Marelize shares on what the Bible says about water, how what happens at the water can influence the water, and how that can spiritually influence the area. Included, is how to pray at the water source in your area and how to declare the fulfillment of God’s purpose for that water source. She also describes how to use Word Scrolls when you do your prophetic actions at the water.

Featuring Word Scrolls

The Iron Anointing: Standing Strong

When we are going through tough times, God promises an anointing of greater authority and ability, like He did for the prophets Micah and Jeremiah. Marelize shares about the biblical significance of cinnamon oil and its Hebrew meaning, of standing strong. She also gives prophetic words for this season.

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Prophetic Word in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic – 4 June 2020

My Child, I want to reveal Myself IN THE MIDST of the PANDEMIC as the Comforter, the Miracle Maker, the Strong One, the Everlasting Life-giver and the Commander of Peace.
I am never surprised – don’t you think I knew what was lying ahead? I was there – I saw when strategies were planned. But in the midst of the Enemy’s strategy, I am working My plans.
So, I need you My child, to keep your focus on Me, and to not be distracted by what is happening around you. Keep your ears attuned to My voice. In this time, when things seems to be falling apart around you, keep your eyes on Me, for I am working in ways that you haven’t seen before. Therefore don’t expect Me to work according to paradigms of times gone by.
It is a new time. Therefore I work in new ways. So don’t be surprised when you are challenged to shift your paradigms, to change your ways, to change your direction of business, even to change your vision from what you had before. Know that I AM with you, that I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Know that I will look after you and after those who depend on you – don’t you think I know about your cares, and about you worries concerning the day of tomorrow?
Today I’m placing My seeds in your hands – trust Me and keep calling out to Me until you see it fulfilled. I will also give you the soil, the water and the favour that you will need for your seeds to grow. This is so that you can reap a bountiful harvest in the days to come.
You may face resistance, because this is a new way for you. But know this, that I will be with you. I will make you strong, so that you will prevail, to reap the harvest that I have planned for you!
Prophetic Word – Marelize Nolan 4 June 2020

Today I'm placing My seeds in your hands - trust Me and keep calling out to Me until you see it fulfilled.

In Times like These, Taste and See That the Lord Is Good!

In challenging times, God often uses our sense to taste, to see, to hear, to touch, and to smell, to speak to us, just like He did with David, as seen in his psalms, and also as seen in Moses’s tabernacle. Marelize shares this message while many countries are still in lockdown because of the Corona Virus Pandemic.