The Word for Pentecost – 31 May 2020

My Child, ON THIS DAY, I long for you to sing praises to My Name, to sing songs flowing from your heart, out of pure adoration onto YOUR GOD. I long for a raising of voices going up from your land today, so that I can pour out My Spirit on your land, for I live among the PRAISES of MY PEOPLE.

Lord, Anoint My Eyes to See!

In this session Marelize talks about our spiritual eyes being anointed, to discern, to see God’s plan, but also to see the Devil’s plan. This is needed in a time of the Corona Virus Lockdown, especially just before the Day of Pentecost, a day that has also been declared as National Day of Prayer by the President of South Africa.

What Did God Say Before Covid-19

Often the Lord prepares us for what lies ahead – He does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

Marelize shares her testimony of how God, unknowingly to her, prepared her for the present pandemic, and talks about the importance of keeping a journal of what God is saying. She also looks at prophecies that were released last year about the current time that we are in.

The Government on His Shoulders

In this time of the Corona Virus lockdown, governments are under pressure to make the right decisions for its people. Marelize gives guidelines on how to pray for your government, by using Isaiah 9, looking at God’s view of governance, and how God revealed Himself to a nation in distress.

Praying for Your President

In the current time of lock down because of the Corona Virus, leaders of countries are challenged to give direction. Marelize shares examples from the Bible on how God uses leaders of countries to bring the fulfillment of His plan, and how the Enemy will try to intercept God’s plans, to cause a different outcome. It is therefore crucial to pray for them at this time. She closes the program by praying for South Africa’s President Ramaphosa.